Thursday, June 11, 2009

~Heck Ya~

I have been boo-hooing since about February that my sweet, darling, precious, ADHD son is going to all day summer camp for 7 weeks this summer.
Well, I am now on day 4 of......

This is what I have been doing......

Have I mentioned that this serious kicks some serious butt???
I completed one book yesterday and I am now a third of the way into the second book.
Wait...what was I suppose to do???
Laundry, pick up the house, call friends back, take the dog for a walk...
Heck no...these books trump everything!

Maybe, just maybe I will do some of this....considering this is exactly what I look like while laying hidden behind the bushes in my backyard.
I don't want the neighbors to be jealous. It would be awful...don't ya think??

I'm definitely doing some experimenting with these.
It's kind of my new passion.
Not only to find the worlds best cupcake
(just ask the girls that I went to the Farm Chicks show with....I had two while there)
but to bake the WORLDS BEST CUPCAKE!!!!!

I just don't think I can stay away from this store.
The last 2 days I have had to talk myself out of going.
Not sure how today is going to go.
I just can't seem to get enough of this place.
I always walk in not NEEDING anything...
I always walk out convincing myself I needed everything I bought.
I do that at Costco too.
Those darn big box stores.
They LOVE me~

I am also very committed to doing some gardening.
This type of gardening is right up my alley.
I don't have to worry about a single weed, rabbits or if it's getting enough sun.
Just pluck and eat.
Now that is complete perfection.

I will for sure do some of this...of course once the kitchen is done.
I actually think this photo is funny.
What the heck is she cooking....water with salt & pepper.
At least she has kept her families expectations low.
Now anything that she whips up they are happy with it.
Awesome strategy!!

and of course.....a few of these!! Nothing like ending a day of cooking, gardening and sunbathing with an ice cold, minty Mojito!

This is how I feel everyday.
It's a whole new beginning for me.
I have had my Little Man with me everyday for 6 years.
I get to start to reclaim my life back.

What would you do with your free time???
Please do tell....I need some ideas.
Can't ya tell???

Happy Thursday~


LillySue said...

Free time??? That actually exhists?? Wow, I LOVE to read, so to read a book from cover to cover at my leasure would be Bliss!! While eating potato chips and then ice cream. I could also get into the sunbathing thing. I actually have been doing a little bit of that lately. I hide behind my patio table so my neighbors won't see me in my bikini (the only time I wear my itsy bitsy one!) I always cover my face though, or it would be one solid freckle!! I would actually love to have about a week to just do nothing but ART. To just eat, sleep and create would be the BEST!

mimi charmante said...

You totally crack me up! I would love to have a cupcake baking afternoon with you!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

You are so funny! Have a fun time lounging in your yard in your bikini! Are you sure you don't want to borrow some of my kids? I wouldn't want you to be bored with all that quiet around you. I'll send them right over...really!

I have to return something at Homegoods, ah yes, an excuse to go. Love it!

Allegra said...

You ALWAYS make me laugh!! Man, I'd love to come visit and figure out how to make the best cupcake with you while sipping a mojito and watching an indoor garden grow!!
Um, have you ever tried a Sprinkles cupcake? I may have to mail one to you. Red Velvet or Banana...MAGIC.

Nikki said...

I'm not sure what I would do other than just enjoy the peace and quiet. Enjoy you time.

Gaia said...

I love your plans...I think I'll do some of them too next weekend:
bake a cake (I have to try a new receipt)
edit some photos of my last trip(have you seen my last post?)
take care of my self
maybe go to the beach
dinner with some friends

I always plan, but most of the time I do the opposite!

Katie said...

That sounds like a great afternoon, especially the mojito part!! It's good to know that one day I might have some free time on my hands :)

Are your cabinets done yet? I can't wait to see the pics, I'm sure it looks beautiful.

Don't forget to enter my 300th post Giveaway!!

Jackie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying your free time! How about a mojito cupcake? My kids get out of school tomorrow - so any freedom I had is GONE...I am so jealous!

imjacobsmom said...

I work in a dental office and I am off for a few days - yippee! I am trying to watch The View as I am typing this, and my 15 year old won't stop talking even after I said "Hush- up" - what's the name of that camp and do they accept teens? ~ Robyn

Anne Marie said...

I don't know if they ship, but these beat my recipe even:

if you come out to the farm, we could have a *meet and eat* with a cupcake~

Sarah said...

Sweet!! We actually have a few times of this coming up, it is all new to me!!! Dakota goes to scout camp in a week and that same week Kaiden is at VBS every night for two hours and our 3 boys are going to a cabin with their dinners out each night should be fun with hubby! Then Dakota goes for a week to CA for Scouts in August, the same week Kaiden should be going to daycamp! What to do? I have been gardening, planning home decor items, if I had the extra time I would probably clean my basement, stain my fence, paint my bedroom and rec room, and then go shopping for new decor items! Once I am done with those projects I am SOO meeting you at HomeGoods to check that store out...I am still intrigued with the ruffled sheets you posted a while back! :)
Enjoy your free time! I usually waste it until it is almost over and then wish I had it back to redo! LOL

jennie w. said...

I would paint my kitchen cupboards. Oh wait, you're already doing that. Then I would make cupcakes and read silly books. And go to the beach.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

7 weeks! wow. that is a LOOOONG time!

I just started reading the twilight book - and know I will blow through them quickly - once Katelyn is in summer school. (she's only there 1/2 days!)

Did I mention I wished we lived closer? I'd make at least a weekly trip over to your house for cupcakes and mojitos. fun!

xoxoxoxo to you!

Sheila R said...

I have gotten hooked on the Twilight series... it will consume your free time just reading them. I have seen the movie 5 times, read each book once and read book 2 and book 4 twice. Oh, did I also say I was counting down the days until Nov 20th - when New Moon will be released!! Enjoy your free time!

Product Review Gal said...
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Tara said...

7 weeks at summer camp, I would miss my son terribly...oh sorry that probably doesn't help you huh? And if I had all that time on my hands I would spend wayyy too much $$$....keep reading it is cheap.

Decorating Queen said...

Enjoy your free time! Mine is coming to a close as both boys will be out of school in 1 1/2 wks--the final! Let me know how the cupcake thing is working out..i love them too! Have you seen the big cupcake pan thingee on tv? I sooo want that. And good luck w/the kitchen--enjoying seeing your transformation!

ps--i previously commented under "the barts"..but i have a new blog to focus more on decorating! Hope you'll check it out! :)

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry you are having a hard time filling your free time! LOL
You seem to be doing ok. I read the twilight series too. Glad you like it!

just a little bit shabby said...

Don't know who is funnier you or your readers. I identify with the one who kept telling her teenager to hush. My daughter likes to commit on what she does or doesn't like, esp. when we watch HGTV and then I can't hear what they are saying!! Kids are like men, can't live with them but can't live without them!! Enjoy your time, savor every minute.....

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I think you have it covered! When I have free time, I usually try to blog or my!!! But free time doesn't happen much with my kids and my transcribing job. When I do have some free time, I usually feel so guilty about just laying there that I get up and request work. Great post!!!

LuLu & Co. said...

Just saying the word free time is sweet music to my ears. I love to read so reading is on my list. and movies wow I havent' seen a whole movie without hitting pause in a long time! Can I come over for a cupcake though and I'll have a mojito too!
have fun and keep us posted on all you do or don't do sometimes it's just nice being mellow,

Backyard Candle Co. said...

It's awesome you are having free time to do stuff just for yourself! What would I do? Go to my favorite store in all the world, Sisters Garden (the link to their blog is in my favs list), eat lunch al fresco at my favorite restaraunt in the world, Tuscan Moon, and do all this with my bestie in the whole world, Lori(but I call her Lala)

Alicia said...

Sleep late, go out for breakfast, massage, go somewhere I've never been in my own town, eat dessert for dinner, bubblebath into bed & watch Enchanted April.
Man this sounds good.
Enjoy your time.. it will flash by very quickly.

Brooke Ahana said...

I'd do exactly as you are doing - I read Twilight and need to read the other two...Gosh darn I love to read your blog and miss you like crazy girl. I do have 107 bug bites from Lake Mead however (just to prove we went) It was outrageously fun and now I just have to do a zillion other blogs and collect photos from Wisc. before I do that post!