Saturday, June 20, 2009

Done....BUT....Not Quite Finished

It's finally frickin' done...
At least the painting part.

I'm ready to unveil the new Maisy Kitchen.
It's been a whole week since my last post....I know...I know..stop givin' me crap in your thoughts.

What I couldn't do while waiting for my space back:

1) cook dinner....shucks..
2) Enjoy my computer time with all you amazing people. That really did suck.
3) Relax in my family room. Didn't want the painter to think I lay around and watch TV all day.
Some of my secrets are meant to be kept for my girls only.

Speaking of the painter....
It's a bit Jerry Springer.....he is my husband's ex-wife's second ex-husband.
Did ya follow that???
He's a great guy. Wouldn't have had anyone else do this type of job. He's a perfectionist!

Sorry for the side story....
annnnnd I'm back.....

4) Have any private time for myself. I don't know about you but I need Maisy down time. BADLY!!!!

5) Cook dinner.., I hated that~
wait a minute....I said that one already.
6) Take a bath in the middle of the day just because.
7) I couldn't list anything at Maisy's Market. That was hard...Now I have to scramble to get all the amazing new things listed.
8) Finish the Twilight Series....Hang on...Hang on.. Hang on....I DID DO THAT!!! HAHAHA
(and I watched the movie 2X) have all certainly waited long I go.

Bland and boring.

Very earth toney...( I just made up that last word. Pretty good huh??)



Bright and cheerful.


I'm going to line this bay window with pillows.
It will be so fun to sit here and watch all the storms that blow through Chicago.

This is what I see as I walk into my kitchen.

White, white, white....just the way I wanted it.
I still can't believe Bill agreed to this.
He's quite the guy.

I have never had a window above my sink.
In this house I do. With the sweetest of sweetest curtains it looks perfect.

I'm still lovin' this canister set.....

Now....onto the next project....
Photos coming soon.

This is the year to get things done...
Next year will be my time to sit and enjoy it all.

Until then, have a wonderful Monday.

Thanks for waiting for me for a whole week.
Did I mention how much I missed you?
If I didn't...this is a huge hug coming to you all the way from Winfield, Illinois!!


jennie w. said...

Love it! I'm so jealous! Especially since I know if I did it I'd be the one painting. And that doesn't sound to appealing.

So is that the white-white? (not the antique?) Did you get new cabinet pulls or are those the same you had before?

Good job!

LuLu & Co. said...

Oh Amy I loving your kitchen! It is beautiful, perfect, every inch of it is wonderful! So happy you got your dreamy white kitchen!
Have a wonderful Monday and I'm sure everything you cook or don't cook will taste fabulous in your new kitchen,

Lou Cinda said...

Amy: WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!! I absolutely LOVE it!! It looks so fresh and happy and inviting and BIG!

My kitchen cabinets are oak and I ever so gently "mentioned" painting them to my husband, and his knees sort of buckled a little and his eyes kinda "glazed over".

I'm gonna work on him gently cos' I want what you have!!!

Great job and welcome back!

Lou Cinda

southerninspiration said...

Oh, just looks fabulous!! I love it! and you were so patient!! ;)


Jeanneoli said...

SO glad that the kitchen is done and you can get back to watching TV all day:-) It looks great...didn't think it looked boring before though. I hope you love it...I know you will have a fun time decorating it! I can't imagine how hard it would be to have the kitchen torn apart. Our DR is torn apart right now because Kelly is doing the is driving me crazy to have things everywhere.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the new look! I always feel as if I need to be busy when I have workers in the house as well! Great job, it looks beautiful!

Sheila R said...

I love your new look! So inviting!

Just be happy! said...

it looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Amy, simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it!!! The white is so pretty and open!! Congratulations on the new, beautiful kitchen!! :D

Jen r. said...

Love love love love love love LOVE love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Dawn said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful!!!

Sarah said...

It looks fabulous! I love it! Yay for it being done and for you being back online! I missed your updates!
Enjoy your new kitchen!!!

Jackie said...

LOVE IT!!! It's so pretty and you must be so happy!! It's always good to get the guys out of the house, though, I always felt like I couldn't just hang out while they were they even cared, but still. Yay - now you can enjoy it!! Glad you're back - I miss your funny updates (no pressure or anything).

nameisgrace said...

WOW! BEAUTIFUL!!!! I loooove the white....and check out the new pillow that I just added to coastline if you are shopping around. Would love to "see" you again!



Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...


and i'm SO. IN. LOVE. with your kitchen.

PERFECT - clean, cozy and totally inspires me to cook!

XOXOXOXO to you!

LillySue said...

BE*U*T*Full! Are you just loving cooking dinner now? (yeah, me neither, but takeout looks great in my redone kitchen!) White is the BEST in kitchens!! What a great way to start summer!

Amber Ellis said...

GORGEOUS!! I'm so jealous. I'm my next house, I WILL have white kitchen. I'm so happy for you :)

Lisa said...

Wow!! You really did a great job! It really is different just with the color! I hope you watched the twilight movie after you read the book, it is so much better that way! I'm looking forward to the next movie!
Hugs, Lisa

tracey said...

I'm glad you're back! I missed your funny posts:) The kitchen looks AMAZING!!! What a difference the white makes. Bet you're so glad to have that done. Oh, and love the curtain above the sink window - too cute!

imjacobsmom said...

Oooh! I love it. So fresh. So clean. So modern. I'm tempted. ~ Robyn

Victoria said...

I love your "new" kitchen! Isn't it amazing how the white makes everything seem to blend better and look sleek and clean?

I bet you are overjoyed every time you walk into the room!

Forever Vintage said...

It turned out gorgeous Maisy!...what a difference. Nice, fresh and bright.

Brooke Ahana said...

I'm jealous - it's so huge that think cooking elaborate meals would even be fun. Simply beautiful, fresh and divine (in other words, FABULOUS). Miss you!

Kasey said...

love it!

the wild raspberry said...

your kitchen is looking great amy!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

It looks sooooo awesome Amy! Perfection in my book! It looks like a very "happy" place to hang out!

Tara said...

AMMMMYYYYY!! what the heck did you wait all of this time for? It looks sooooo amazing, I love it!! The white sure did the trick on bringing out your floors and the wonderful counters! Are you just in heaven? I am really? Are you?

did I mention it looks amazing? hmm, strange.....WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW.
ok. done. :)

PS~Erin said...

It looks so good!! It's so bright and clean and comfy and new looking. (Do you sense a wee bit of envy?) What a great space you've created!!

Thena said...

I'm so excited. I showed my husband how wonderful your kitchen looks. And he agreed that we could paint our cabinets white, and the walls a very pale yellow. woo hoo !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I'm just dying to paint my cabinets white, but I need to replace our counters first so it's not white on white on white(cabinets, countertops, floor all are white.) I have to add these photos to my collection of painted cabinet inspiration photos.

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

It looks amazing!!! So bright and happy. Love, love, love it! Is that enough loves? What a beautiful kitchen, so happy for you!

Can't wait to see the porch project and yes, I do many things that have my family scratching their heads. All part of the fun. :)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

That looks FAB!! It's so bright and pretty! That window treatment is perfect. What a beautiful room!

Christina said...

I'm sorry that I'm just getting over here to see this wonderful transformation. I know you are just thrilled with your new space. It just looks like a whole new room--so wonderfully light!

I also love the pillow on your window seat!

Decorating Queen said...

Oh WOW!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a great vision you had. So many ppl are afraid to tackle all that dark cabinetry and feel it won't turn out good..they should all see this post! I totally love it, and all of your little design touches. Nice job :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

That new Maisy kitchen is just MARVELOUS! How fresh and bright and cheery - love it!

Lou Cinda said...

Okay, I need a little info here, cos' I ever so gently broke the news to my husband last night that I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets which are very similar to yours! Paint color you used? Did you have to sand everything down? How long did it take you? AND

was it awful to do?

It looks so GREAT!!

Lou Cinda