Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HELP...HELP....HELP.....White OR Antique White Is The Question

I have a really hard time with decisions.
Now I'm really stuck.

Do I paint the kitchen........



Antique White

Another version of an Antique White kitchen??????

I have to decide within the next day or two.


What do you think??

Just a bit more info.... This is also in the plan~

1) putting beadboard(wainscotting...not sure about the spelling, sorry)around the island

2)Subway tile back splash

3) White farmer sink

PS. I need answers FAST.

Thanks so much.
Where would I be without all of you??


Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

My vote is the antique white. Since you are using a lot of other whites in the kitchen, it will look warmer with the off white mixed in. A friend of mine has exactly that, subway tile, white farm sink and all white cabinets. She went with a glazing on her cabinets and it looks beautiful. I love how the different tones of white in her kitchen play off of one another. Good luck with your decision, I'm sure whatever you choose will be gorgeous!!

A Touch of Country said...

I vote for antique white as well.

I love it when they mix white on whites in decorating schemes and with different textures mixed in it will be gorgeous!

Kasey said...

i say cottage white....

The Kramer Angle said...

I'm going with antique white too because I noticed you have dark woodwork in some of the other photos on your blog and think the white-white will be too much of a contrast.

I'm sure it will look great - whatever you decide!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Yes, I can relate very much to your dilemma! I use "Creamy" white from Sherwin Williams. It is a soft white that compliments other colors and textures. What kind of flooring do you have? A blogger who has the kind of kitchen that you love is Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage. Perhaps she can tell you what she used in her kitchen.

have fun!!!


Sandi said...

Decisions, decisions. I can't imagine figuring this out because it takes me forever to decide what color of white to paint anything! LOL Not much help am I.
I love the white kitchens you showed, but I also love creamy whites. Maybe somewhere in the middle of a true white and a ivory? I would not opt for a stark white though. Good luck!

Just be happy! said...

I volte for the white.
Love farm style sink, you're kitchen will be gorgeous!!

jennie w. said...

Antique white! Take lots of pictures and let me know how it goes. I want to do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

I think white will give it a more polished look while the antique white would give it a more comfy feel!

Ryan said...

White. Sounds like it will be beautiful!

May I ask where you getting youe subway tile?

Susan said...

I vote for white. Love the simplicity of it and it's timeless. Will go withe everything.
Good Luck making your final decision and look forward to seeing the end results!

Martha said...

I vote for antique white! :)

Gloria said...

I love them both but I believe the antique white will be easier to care for with children and if you have animals....I made the mistake (in my previous home) of putting in white cabinets and it was a nightmare to keep clean with smalls kids and two dogs....!

Amy are you a libra....? I am and I often have a hard time making decisons.

I now have cherry cabinets, with granite counters and stainless steel and even that is high maintenance....not to mention the flat range surface that is a b-to keep clean. But it looks good right....lol

LuLu said...

Oh gosh I would be asking the same question! do you like a bit on contrast the antique white... Can't wait to see what you pick. it's going to look dreamy! I know it!!!

Tara said...

Tough choice, I say antique white! Can't wait to see it all done!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I say antique white! Who knows what kind of fingerprints white will produce!!! All your plans sound LOVELY!!! Am very excited to see pictures!!!

Katie said...

Antique white!! And be careful if you're getting a white sink. I have one and I have to bleach it at LEAST once a week or it looks grimy.

Good luck, can't wait to see the results!

Lisa said...

I'm for Antique White. I's just more cozy to me. I can't wait to see it finished it sounds wonderful!
Hugs, Lisa

Allegra said...

I love both!
Antique white is great because white accent pieces--like milkglass--looks SO lovely against it! White accents just pops on antique white walls. That's what in my house.

White is great because it's so FRESH & CLEAN & NEW & VERSATILE.

What do you want to wake up to. BRIGHT or SUBTLE?

(Big help, I know ;)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I'm partial to cottage white, like Kasey. It would give your kitchen a nice bright, clean and crisp look, providing a nice contrast with your wooden chairs. That's my vote. Of course the antique white would be nice too, as so many of your blogging gal pals say. I guess it depends what kind of look you're going for, Amy.

jen said...

I think either would be great, but I have kids and white cabinets. Not a good combination!! I'm constantly having to wipe them down. If your a clean freak you might want to consider the antique white.

Can't wait to see what you choose!!


Sarah said...

Hmm, I kind of think cottage white since you will have wainscot and you seem to like the cottage look. Will you have any dark accents? I tend to think the antique white looks best with some black accents. Good luck deciding!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Antique white. The white white may be too harsh.
It will look beautiful!

Anything Goes Here said...

Just to throw in my 2 cents. I vote for antique white. Bright white often looks very good in the summer, but can be cold in the winter. xo Joan

Jeanneoli said...

My vote is antique white. I LOVE the tiles you are using and apron sinks are my very favorite....can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

Nicoleigh said...

Not sure if you have painted yet. But I always think of how it will clean. Will a Mr. Clean eraser affect the antique white paint? I've seen it take some color off non-white walls before, so wondering how it would work for cabinets.
Can't wait to see the end product!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

White, definately white.

Anonymous said...

What colour are your appliances? If they are white then I would definitely go with white cabinets so it all flowed. If they are stainless steel then you could go with either colour.


gwengoods said...

Antique White, more subtle.

tracey said...

Hi Amy! I'm with Kasey (imagine that), cottage white sounds good:) I have soft white (similar to antique white but a little less brown) and I love it - it blends so beautifully with all other whites. Your new kitchen sounds like it is going to be amazing, can't wait to see it (especially the sink)!!!

Christina said...

I probably would lean towards the white, but maybe a softer white. I'm not one to make quick decisions, so it feels funny trying to help someone else. : )

Look forward to seeing what you decide.

We finally put our giveaway up, so come by if you get a chance.

LillySue said...

I went with one that is right in the middle....I guess you could call it Cottage white but it is actually "Vermont Cream", by Behr at Home Depot It is not Butt white and not the darker antique white but just a nice creamy white. It goes good with my Butt white appliances and sink. I actually think it will look good no matter which white you pick. It is just deciding what you want to live with on a daily basis.

mimi charmante said...

First off, I miss you already!
Secondly, I went back and forth with that question for far too long. I went with white, but do love both. Mine is a slightly distressed white so it isn't totally glaringly white.
Can't wait to see what you decide!