Monday, June 29, 2009

Ahhhhhh Linen

I have a new love.
Shhhh...don't tell Bill.
Let's just keep this a secret.
Ya know...between me and you~
Some things in life are just not meant to be shared.
What he doesn't know won't hurt him.


So are you ready for my new love to be announced?
Try to keep it on the down low OK? here I go...

My new love is:

Linen aprons.

I was just poking around Etsy and this is just a few that I found.


This has to be the cutest skirt/apron I have ever seen in my entire life.
If you want it go here.

Doesn't this apron make you want to get your kitchen dirty with flour.
Just imagine all the yummies that could be made while wearing this amazing piece.
If you love it you can find it here.

Seriously, I just love the pink string with the cream lacey pocket.
Find this darling apron here.
As an added's on sale. YAY!!!

Oh do I get all three of them without Bill noticing a thing.

This is the convo I was having with myself.

Ok, Maisy, this is how it's going to roll...
You are going to have some self control.
You are going to step away from your computer.
You are going to go hide all your plastic.
You are going to breath.
Yes, Girl, in your nose out your mouth.
That's good.
Ok, Maisy, How do you feel???


The BIG surprise will be what I end up ordering.
Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe........

Happy Monday to all and to all a GREAT day!!!


Re:made said...

Thanks so much. Good luck choosing and baking cupcakes in it!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

*gasp* I wish you hadn't posted this! They are gorgeous and now I want one! Beautiful!

Thanks for coming over and seeing my new finds! I should have worded that better, I wish the gumball machine was $3, that was for the shutter. It wasn't bad though, marked $35 and after watching how excited the girls were, the nice man from the booth immediately came down to $25. He was sweet, smiling at them the whole time as they were jumping up and down. They each had $9 so of course we kicked in the rest of the money. I can see why you have trouble finding one, we saw two others there but both over $200. Ours is metal, not cast iron but we love it for the price!

Victoria said...

Those aprons are gorgeous!!! Now I want one too.

Kasey said...


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

drooling over the ruffled skirt apron......


Can't wait to see what you get...I live in aprons - might have to 'expand my wardrobe'..!

Want to see what you get first, so I know what's left for me to choose!!


Amber Ellis said...

Those are so cute! I went to the ruffled skirt site, and I think it is for children :( boo. Why do little girls always have such cute clothes?! I want it for myself!

Sarah said...

They are gorgeous! I Love them! My favorite is the first one with all the ruffles! I never knew I loved ruffles, but recently I am drawn to them more and more! LOVE IT!!! Have fun choosing!!!

P.S. I can so relate to the put away the plastic and step away from the computer comment! ;)

Anne Marie said...

totally like that first photo....

I am really big on the bustle right now - well - with a bow or gather (not the ridiculous scene of yore)
I always sew my skirts to gather in the it!

Just be happy! said...

you are making me curious!
which one did you order???
are you still planning to opn the candy shop?
happy Monday Amy!!

Tara said...

Seriously, I want that first one, that could be the cutest skirt ever, with some brown boots??? I'm just sayin'! Thanks for the info, off to drool! XO

Lisa said...

Ok, try to control yourself , but if not enjoy them all!!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Peanut Petunia said...

sooooo cute! :)

Susan @

Sheila R said...

They are all very beautiful... I am making my first apron and can't wait to finish it...

Isn't it funny how old becomes new again!

The Kramer Angle said...

Thank you chatting with me today on the phone! It was so lovely to "meet" you finally and I felt so much better after our talk!

You're the best!

gwengoods said...

I really like the second two aprons, I am not into ruffles. Thanks for sharing

littlebyrd said...

Get the first one!

Allegra said...

oooh if that ruffled apron wasn't so much I'd be wearing it right now---at work---and not caring! :)

Re:made said...

Thanks for choosing mine - only two left in the sale now!

Brooke Ahana said...

get 'em all and cook Bill yummy treats with nothing on , but your apron, he won't notice a thing! My favorite is the first, super feminine one and yes, I'd totally wear that out and about.

LuLu said...

We need to be neighbors so we can all pay half of everything we love and share it!!! :)
I must say you will look so cute in an of the darling aprons!!!

tracey said...

I absolutely adore the first one. How cute!

Andrea Villarreal said...

Yes looking through Etsy has gotten me into some trouble too:) And everyone just has the greatest links for stuff they found there that I can't help but go back. The madness!! Will it ever end?? Love the one with the pink ribbon. So cute!