Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UGH!!!!! I sit...
in front of my computer....

and I can't come up with a darn thing to write about.

That has been my problem for a while.

So...I thought I would write a letter to my writer's block....
Here I go....Wish me luck~

Dear Writer's Block,
I'm not sure where you came from.
I'm not sure why you think you were invited.
I'm not sure why you have decided to target me.
Seriously, WB...I want you to go away.
I want to come up with cute, funny, inspiring, meaningful, heartfelt things to write about. need to go back to where you came from.
Goodbye....please don't come back...
You are no longer welcome!!!!
Have a great day....Happy Holidays....Happy New year, WB...!!!

Do you think it will listen?
Do you think it will go away?
Maybe the new year will turn my creative juices back on.

In the meantime....

I must really start Christmas shopping.
Maybe that will give me some funny stories to write about.
Like the lady who cut in front of everyone(like 15 people) because she refused to wait.
WAIT...WAIT...WAIT....I think I just came up with something to write about.

Wow...thanks everyone for giving me that idea.
That was really sweet of all of you :)

It really is a funny, in a not so funny way, story. you know what my next post will be about.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift Giving

I am a person that loves to find that special gift for people.
Something special...something I have put thought into.

Below you will find some items from my Etsy store that I would love to recieve.
I know...I know...You are all thinking...
"Maisy, then why are you selling those items?"

I can't keep everything, ya know!

This could be used for cheese or better display your favorite things.
The teak base could be painted any color.

Can a girl have too many cloches? I think not~

The perfect silver tray. It could be a jewelry tray or imagine chocolate covered strawberries on it. *sigh*

The most adorable little jar of buttons. Would look great on a shelf or table~

This silver bowl is GORGEOUS! Would look perfect on your holiday table.

Feel free to stop by and check out my "Market".

Happy Weekend to all and to all a good day~