Monday, June 1, 2009

New Vintage Finds

Since my house was a mess I decided to spend some time looking for treasures.

This is just a display of some of it.
I didn't have room for some of the other great things I found.
I couldn't find a good place in my home to take photos so I whipped this little corner shelf unit out.

Dominos from the 1970. A complete set of flash cards from 1959 in mint condition.
A blue bud vase and crystal cordial glasses. In my house...also know as vintage shot glasses. Just kidding~

A vintage tea towel, vintage napkin(soo cute) and of course a glass cloche.

A rose colored glass dish and a whole box of vintage cards.
The cards are actually really sweet. So different from our cards today.

A gold mirrored table tray. So pretty.
This is going up on my Etsy site.
Don't go over there yet.....It won't happen until my house is put back together so I can get some nice photos of it~

A gorgeous perfume bottle, a silver plated dish and of course my favorite....a red and white chippy old pan!

Did you have any fun finds this weekend??

If the weather clears up EVER I will post about the garden stuff I did this past weekend.
Can ya tell I don't like being in my house when it is all discombobulated.

I tip my cup of coffee to a new week!

Happy Monday~


littlebyrd said...

Oh - I love seeing your treaures! You found some great stuff. I know, I hate being in my house when it is messy too. What are you doing with the flash cards? Selling?

Laura said...

OOo like it!

Jen r. said...

Great finds and treasures! Jen

Allegra said...

You find the best stuff!! I love the mirrored table tray. swooning.
I DID find an amazing Union Made Vintage Hat with a netted veil in Mint Condition this weekend. I about died at how perfect it is! I picked up a few other goodies too. Will have to share soon :)

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I likey! You did good!!!

Sarah said...

Great finds! I love old cards, so precious and heartfelt. I totally agree.

Tara said...

oh I love junkin'! I found three old books and vintage basket...but i can always find a use for a basket! You found some great treasures and I love the table pretty and feminine.

LuLu said...

You had a great time finding new stuff!!! I love the flash cards... too cute! and tipping my coffee cup right back at ya!!! New week!!

Lou Cinda said...

You did great!! I love it all! Especially the silver!

We have had rain, rain, rain for weeks! Then, this weekend it was beautiful!! I needed it SO BAD!!

Wishing sunshine your way!!

Lou Cinda :)

Just be happy! said...

You are a good hunter Amy, Gee!

The weather here was beautiful this weekend, I was able to take little Lucas out every day and it lots of fun!

:o) I wish you could come over to eat my blueberry bread, I would be so happy!

Lisa said...

I love treasures!! Yours are really great!
Thanks for sharing!

LillySue said...

What a great idea...I should have done that when all my garage sale mess was spread all over...NOT!! I mailed your package today. I put a couple of things in there for Bradley too. When do you leave for FarmChicks?? I am SOOooooo jealous. If it wasn't 7 hours away and 2 nights in a hotel, we would have gone for sure!! Are you just SOoooooo excited??