Thursday, June 25, 2009


Am I the only one??
Honestly, I have a hard time believing I am.
Well, since I did say honest in the last sentence I wouldn't be shocked if I was.

There are things in my house that are off limits.
That's a weird concept for the other member of my family.
They don't get it because we are a "no need to take your shoes off, kick your feet up on the furniture....even with shoes on and no need for a coaster on our tables" kind of family.

This took them by surprise...

I now have items that CANNOT be used for their purpose....
or any other purpose than to look nice.

For instance:

Don't even consider opening this french lemon water.
I had to lay the law down with my brother-in-law when he was in town from California a few weeks ago.

Test me on this family.
If these towels get used there is going to be some real hell to pay.
I know they are right outside the shower door.....
If you can't handle it try using YOUR bathroom for a change.

These are just the most darling sale & pepper shakers that I picked up at Target.
I actually place them in my kitchen like they are being used as s & p shakers.
This one actually has me wondering about myself.
(sorry about the dark photo...not sure what happened there)

NOOOOOOO these are not Bingo balls.
NOOOOOOOOO they are not marbles with letters on them.

They all really don't get it.
Thank God they love me and just look past all my little weird things.

What does your family look past??

I am going to do an entire post about this.
They really are a patient group of people.
To think...they actually like me.


Jeanneoli said...

You are so funny! We don't have many things that are off limits, but I am waiting for the huge glass jar of white buttons or stamps to come crashing down. We don't take our shoes off when we come in the house either, but I hate the kids to eat food on our livingroom furniture. I know it is slipcovered...I don't want to wash them!:-) That is so funny about the lemon water....poor confused man...

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

OH YES. I have "do not touch-ables" in my house. And we're the same way as you (no surprise that we're similar....) - no need to take shoes off, no need for a coaster, OK for pets to be on the furniture.

I'll do a post about this soon. I just took pictures of it - and will let you know!


Allegra said...

"Don't Touch" I'm SO surprised these weren't Ashton's first words...although when "NO!" WAS his first word, that's when I adopted Don't Touch.
There are lots of things people in my life look past--like the sign on the front door that says, "Please take off your shoes" because I want to preserve the only rug I've ever been able to afford and actually one cares and I lack the SPEAK UP gene.

Devri said...

Things off limits in my house.. I wish, with 7 little monkeys, I can't keep watch 24/7, but the living room/ entry way is off limits, if I find you in their.. whack! jk sorta!

Jackie said...

We have a few things that I'd rather they just left alone. Not a ton off limits and we leave our shoes on too. I'm with Jeanne - I'd rather they didn't eat on the furniture (but they do it anyway) - popsicles is where I drawn the line - outside or on the floor with those (that works most of the time...). I think we all put up with each other's quirks in our family - 'cause that's what families do!

Tara said...

Oh let's not start there...I didn't even child proof my house, so you might hear a couple hundred times a day...punk, don't even think about touching that, or my a really high pitch voice..EH EH EH EH...somehow he knows this means don't touch! Love this post and all your goodies!

Sandi said...

This post is so funny! I heartily agree that some things are just off limits. But I will say that I am amazed at all the stuff I have that my little granddaughter never touches and I don't tell her not to. My kids would have broken everything to smitherines! (is that a word?)
I just told my hubby a few weeks ago, "the linen towel in the bathroom with the monogramed "B" is NOT for you to use! LOL

LuLu said...

You are too cute.. the water had me laughing :) my off limits to my kiddos is shoes! hee hee and don't actually use the toss pillow as pillows... I don't want them squashed! fun post!! i'm going to ask the kids this at dinner tonight and see if they think I have a don't touch policy!

littlebyrd said...

lol! still lol :)

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Thanks for letting me feel like I am not alone in my world of "Don't Touch!" LOL. I have 4 boys...yes 4 and 1 girl. They all know I have things and rooms that are off limits. These are priviliged areas they get to live around. They can destroy their rooms, loft and family room, but manners better be there when they come into my dining room, living room and my office! Sounds like I am too strict, huh? No...they better not touch! Thanks Maisy, great post!!

Hugs to you!

Just be happy! said...

I am just like the person above: LOL!

We don't take our shoes off either, but we do use coasters and I don't allow my dog in the bed...

Alicia said...

My Anali linen hand towels: drives people nuts but they're so exquisite & people also luv to look at no wiping hands on!!!
And the darkness of the photo sets a great mood!!

Lisa said...

Super post!! I totally understand! My Kitchen table is off limits! AND the candy used to decorate on it is, until the decor changes anyway! hehe
SO I totally understand!
Hugs, Lisa

imjacobsmom said...

Oh i have several "Don't Touch" items around the house. Jacob was such a good boy he never got into things or touched the endtables. I was brought up that way and so were all of my cousins. We're kinda goofy that way. I have nice towels in the bathrooms, we don't smash the throw pillows when we sit on the couches, and we don't eat the decorative candy either! ~ Robyn

tracey said...

Hysterical! I have whole rooms in my house that are off limits. At least to the kids, well, no, I take that back...I just assume hubs stays out of those rooms too because he just doesn't understand things like some pillows are just for show not for smooshing:)

Sarah said...

We have don't touchables, we also have the don't climb over the back of the couch rule, which is rarely remembered or adhered to! Oy! House full of boys, it is amazing that our stuff is in such great shape!
I do have to question your not using the cute s&p shakers, I would make the exception on that one! :)

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

PS i've been walking by those birds in Tar-J for months now.

I think because you got them, i'm going to get them too. its only fair. :)


Kasey said...

not at my kids have full reign over everything.
sometimes i let them play with the blowdryer in the tub.
but that's just me...

Sheila R said...

I too relate to Don't Touch... I have those items all over my house. The kitchen towels that are the "pretty" towels... don't use them. My flow blue china pitcher and bowl set - don't get too close! I have relaxed on my bathroom towels (most of them - anyway). But now as my children get older then know and abide by the Don't Touch Rule... most of the time!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Oh this is sooo true and so funny!! I have towels rolled up the same way...don't you dare use those! Are you nuts??