Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Baby

Ok, so I had my baby....the Kitchen.

Now Bill get's his baby.
A new patio.

I have to be honest.....
I'm also really excited about it.
Oh crap, I didn't want Bill to know that.
Sure hope he doesn't decide to have this be the day to stop in and read my blog.

I can't wait to see what it is going to look like finished.

We just want it to be done for the Fourth of July.
We want to have the christening of the patio on that day.
I can just imagine it now....
Lot's of people....lots of food and lots of drinks.
I think I have to use that jar.

My last thought on this though is....
My baby is about half the price of what Bill's baby is.
Does that mean I get to just make up the difference with more painting????
Let me know your thoughts.

My final, final thought is this...
when we moved into this house a little over two years ago Bill and I had a conversation that went like this:

Bill: If we move into this house is there anything that needs to be changed?
Maisy: Nope. How about you think anything needs to be changed?
Bill: Nope. That's great. LET'S MOVE!!!!
Maisy: WOO-HOO...we're moving... !!!

Since we have moved we have finished the basement, gutted the master bathroom (it was leaking into our kitchen), bought new family room furniture, painted the entire back of the house, just finished a landscaping project and to top it off put in a new patio.

When this patio business is done I'm gonna just put my feet up and relax....until next year I'm sure.
Bill and I love projects.
We say we don't but I really think we do.



southerninspiration said...

Oh, I'd be very excited too!!! Can't wait to see!!


PS~Erin said...

It's always "on to the next project"! Sounds like a fun one, and relatively quick. Loved your recollection of your conversation!

Tara said...

I LOVE PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!! I do! the pool man doesn't he always tells me to watch renovation realities on one of those DIY channels and I tell him to get movin' on my project no excuses!! :) And yes Amy, I have no plans for the 4th so I will be there at your party, thanks for the invite, I am flattered really!

Lisa said...

Cool! you'll have a whole new house soon!
Hugs, Lisa

LuLu said...

I like projects but hubby not so much! so I have to slowly sneak them in! :)

Jeanneoli said...

You are going to love your new patio. We love projects too...the difference is my husband likes to do them himself so our projects take FOREVER!!! In six years of living in this house I have talked him into paying for two things to be was a stone wall and the second was our stone patio last year. It about killed him to write that check. Currently he is putting wainscotting up in our is looking amazing but we have been working on it for a month now and all our DR stuff is in the library:-) Maybe in a few more weeks I will have my DR back with beautiful wainscotting to boot....we will see. Can't wait to see your this the longest comment EVER???

littlebyrd said...

This is exciting too! We got a new patio last year and love it so much. Good luck on your new project!

Brooke Ahana said...

oh goody - more progress - your place is just fabulous - I semi-love projects, when they actually get finished that is.

Alicia said...

Save your extra for soemthing you really really want than gently remind him.... :)