Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~Welcome Morning~

I have always thought of myself as a morning person. Apparently not....according to my husband. I was pretty shocked to hear that. I used to get up every day and go to work. I never have to set an alarm. I give Bradley a huge hug, kiss and smile when he comes in my room. Still not sure I agree with him but hey....I get to enjoy one of these every morning now.
A BIG FAT CAPPUCCINO!! Thanks so me. His Hanukkah present was an espresso/cappuccino maker.

Now I WELCOME the morning. I know I get to go downstairs and make one of these girls every morning.
Huh...I wonder who is enjoying this new little machine more....me or hubby??
I will think about that while I enjoy me freshly brewed cappuccino.


Just be happy! said...

look at the foam on the top... it looks so good!
what a neat present, enjoy!!!

the wild raspberry said...

I'm a little jealous. That looks DELICIOUS! You may have a little cream on your lip.