Sunday, January 4, 2009

~The Elpaca Farm~

My dad and his wife, Susan, own an Alpaca farm. They have 43 alpacas. It was night time when I was there. Unfortunately, this is the ONLY picture that came out. They are soooo very cute. I so wish I was there during the day. I will have to take a ride out there during the day so I can get some day time pics.

This is Bill just CHILLIN' out.

Bradley and farmer Grandpa!

The boys working on something together.
When I look at this pic it reminds me that I gave birth to a boy that doesn't have a thermostat.
It was about 20 degrees outside when this picture was taken. Let's all keep in mind that my dad lives in an OLD chilly farmhouse. We walk in and Bradley immediately removes the nice warm sweatshirt he had on.
Notice his HUGE guns on his arms. Unfortunately my arms don't look like that.

That brings me to my next thought....I FINALLY went back to the health club today. Boy, that place kicked my butt. It felt soooooo good to get me blood flowing.
I'm really looking forward to getting healthy in 2009!!


Just be happy! said...

I love alpaca yarn, it's so soft!

Kasey said...

i so need to hit the gym myself...

the wild raspberry said...

i officially started the south beach diet last friday AND got a treadmill last week. the battle has begun. good luck to you.
my girls always go barefoot in the house while i have on my clothes, my robe, and my slippers. how do they do it?

punkiepie said...

Spencer's favorite pair of shoes is made from alpaca hair/fur/wool? I don't know what you call their shorn hair!

Are they nice, do they spit? I went to Peru in high school, and the llamas were NOT nice. I think they're in the same family, that's why I was asking about the spitting. I think they are so cute.

If I get really desperate with the bills, maybe can buy a few alpacas- I have an acre! haha, that would be funny- me, Spencer, and the alpacas. Hope you're week started off well!

Aunt Kathy said...

Love your pictures and story of your visit to the Alpacas. It's one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. Hope this finds you well. My love and best wishes for a wonderful new year to all of you.