Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~Winter Wonderland~

This is a picture of the pond in my yard. It doesn't look like this in the summer. Hope all the fish are OK. For any of you that are reading this and may worry about the fish....they are FINE. Haven't lost a fish during the winter in 7 years.

Just a photo of the other side of my back yard. The grass didn't have a snowflake on it this morning when I woke up.
This is from my front porch~

This is the other direction on my street. Our streets get plowed by the village. Apparently, they didn't know snow was coming. HUH??

This is my fireplace. It keeps me toasty and warm. Makes me think about the people who don't have heat...or the homeless people. Bradley just asked me if he can take a bath...he's cold. Mother of the year over here told him NO!!! Go put another layer on or get under a blanket. I think I better go make him some hot chocolate. I think homemade marshmallows are in order.

To all you people who live through cold winters....bundle up and stay warm. Remember we get to layer our clothes...we get to wear scarves...we get to wear realllly cute sweaters......we get to appreciate the spring.....we get to watch tulips popping out of the ground. We get to appreciate all that winter has to offer. Remember...stop and smell the snowflakes!!!


Bill Deitch said...

Can you please get out there and shovel before I get home from work!

Kasey said...

could you shovel my driveway also?

girllovesclothes said...

you definately get the mother of the year award!

punkiepie said...

It looks so beautiful!! We don't get a lot of snow in VA, but I'm still hoping for a white Christmas :)

the wild raspberry said...

glad you're back from your trip. hope you had a good time. the snow really is beautiful.

the wild raspberry said...

Hi Amy. Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I love your blog and your pictures! Enjoy the snow! Deborah

Wanda said...

Amy, Hi, it is snowing here, I love it. my wood fire is burning and and I am making home made bread and chicken soup. I am not a cook, nor do I like to cook, but there is something about this weather that put me in the kitchen and cookin. Enjoy the snow, I am. TTFN

Gail Kramer said...


I just found your blog off of Lola B's. I'm so jealous of your snow! I'm an Ohio girl living on the east coast and we rarely get big snowstorms in Maryland.

I'm also new to the blog world - started writing my own for the same reason you did - and was inspired by blogs like Kasey's. Check mine out sometime if you get a chance. I signed up to be a follower of yours. I'm always looking for kindred blog spirits!