Sunday, December 7, 2008



I have wanted a sewing machine for a while now. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it makes me feel domestic. Who knows. Let's all keep in mind that I don't think I have touched one of these things since HomeEc in 8th grade.
Bill came home today and this is what he had for me

My very own sewing machine. It seems to be like riding a bike...I had no problem threading it. PHEW!! I was really afraid of that. Isn't she pretty??

This is the front of the first pillow I made today. Not to bad for a girl's first time!

This is the back.

I was actually surprised how easy it was. There are a few people I know who sew. My friend, Shelby, for one. She's always making these adorable pillows. I think she takes such a laid back approach to her crafts that it inspires me. By the way, Shelby is really gifted. She makes great stuff! GO SHELBY!!!

Who knows what else I can do. If you don't see or hear from me for a few days know that I am sewing. I am one of those people who will wake up in the middle of the night excited about sewing. Then....down the stairs I go....sewing in the middle of the night.
I want to be able to sew my own aprons. That's not too much to it??? Now if I could just read a pattern. Small steps Maisy.....small step!!!


the wild raspberry said...

Good for you! You are going to love sewing on your new machine. I sew in the wee hours of the night also. It is so addictive.

Kasey said...

you go girl.

Bill Deitch said...

I'm glad you are sew excited, but I won't needle you to make stuff for me. This may start a whole new thread on your blog. My puns really are seamless, aren't they?

farmerjulie said...

hi Amy!
love your pillow..i have not touched one since 8th grade either..but tomorrow, my friend is teaching me! i am so excited!
keep going!! xo julie

Wanda said...

Well done. I am a sewer, I love it my friends and I like to do what we call fun sewing, which is what you just did. Fun sewing is mostly craft and home dec sewing rather than clothing. Sew on. TTFN

punkiepie said...

That's so exciting Amy! The pillows are gorgeous, I love that fabric. My sewing machine is at the shop and seeing those pictures is making me itching to make something. That's amazing you still know how to thread it. Each time I have to do it, I pull out the instructions, it's the opposite of riding a bike for me!