Sunday, December 21, 2008

~The Great Indoors~

So...I found this fabric and I LOVE it. My favorite color is green. I wish I could find this in wallpaper. That would make Maisy very happy!!!

This is the same fabric just a different size.....but...I still LOVE this fabric.

If any of you saw my post about my new sewing machine you will recognize this fabric. I just made a bigger and better one. I guess I will now have to take the other one apart and do it over. When I see the two of them next to each other I realize it isn't very good. Hey, I'm not complaining. I was very proud of myself...ya very first pillow and all.

I pulled out my knitting needles and decided to get busy. I haven't touched them in a while. Actually, I had to blow the dust off my knitting box. Don't tell my husband, he will make me clean my closet out. In order to start a project I decided to just warm up my skills and make a scarf. Now Bradley wants a scarf. I may never get to a cute project. I will be knitting scarves for everyone again. Hey, if people actually wear them I'm happy to knit away.

These are my new coffee mugs. I am sooooo happy they are glass. Hubby wasn't so sure at he likes them too. I can't wait to put Bradley's hot chocolate it them. Just imagine how cute his heart shaped homemade marshmallows are going to look. Yeah...I can't wait!!

If any of you are in the Chicago area please stay warm today. Right now my outdoor thermometer is reading -7. UGH!!! Now that's even
toooooo cold for me.
Guess I will just have to stay in the great indoors and come up with more cute projects to work on!!


Wanda said...

Hi Maisy,You guys are cold too... I must admit much colder than us. Well I don't have anything to do (that I want to do) so I am staying warm and amused by playing on my computer. Have a great day and much sucess with the scarf knitting. I am going to give a hat a try sometime soon. Stay warm. TTFN

Gail Kramer said...

Hi Maisy,

A couple of years ago I desperately wanted a sewing machine for my birthday so my husband got me one. (Like you the last time I ever sewed anything was in 8th grade which was a really, really long time ago!) My goal was to make cute pillows, window treatments, even slipcovers!

Well, I can't get past the darn bobbin! It's totally intimidating to me! I've made zero pillows, no window treatments and the slipcovers are just a dream! So, I'm so impressed you've already whipped up pillows! I love them.

I love taking pillows, a picture, or whatever and building an entire room around it in my mind. I've done that with your fabric! Thanks for giving me another reason to procrastinate about the things I should be doing. (Shopping, ugh....)

Stay warm.

the wild raspberry said...

Your pillows are great! nice going. keep warm today. chas

Just be happy! said...

Your blog is darling aswell, I like it so much that I became a follower!
Love your mug and your cookies look very yummy - makes me hungry just looking at them!


just a little bit shabby said...

Hi Maisy,
We don't have snow in my part of Texas but it is cold here. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your cookies look delish! Wish I had some and a big glass of milk!
Happy Holidays!

Bill Deitch said...

Hey Maisy, thank you for making our house a home.

punkiepie said...

Merry Christmas Maisy! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. I am so happy that we are blogging friends :)

Oh, and I LOVE that fabric!

Candy-Faith said...

So glad you left me a comment because bloglines wasnt showing me your blog was updated so Im glad to come by and see. I hate to have to change all the blogs I read over to google reader, such a pain, but Im thinking I may now have to.
ANYWAYS.... :) That is so sweet of you to comment on my hearts!! I would be happy to make one for you. Just tell me what name you want embroidered on it or what saying. And email me your home address. I will make one for you and mail it within a couple weeks, after the holidays. My email...

:) candy