Friday, December 5, 2008

~One For You......One For Me~

This is such a tough time of year for me. It's Christmas shopping time. Those of you who know me know I don't really shop outside of Target, Kohl's, Old Navy & Gap. Well this time of year brings me to all sorts of amazing places to shop. This year my new friend, Kasey, had her holiday open house. So I meandered over to Lola B's(OK I rushed...but who's keeping time??), Kasey's place. AWESOME stuff.

The two pictures above are a couple of the frames I bought. I bought them to give as gifts but I have a sneaky feeling I am keeping them for myself. I can put a picture in them....however, I really adore the music sheets. What would you do???

This is a clutch I bought. Now, this one is NOT a gift. I'm keeping this sweet clutch for me. I'm so happy because I'm going out tomorrow night(if I can get a sitter...crazy that my 16 year old went out and got a job)and I can use it. I will have to fend off all the fans. The fashion paparazzi will be following me. I better park the black Tahoe out back. I will have to sneak out the basement window.....OK...I really better stop. I will just have to walk to the neighbors house for dinner.

This is just a cute holiday plaque I had to have. I bought it over the weekend at a great store in downtown Wheaton, Serenade. I wish I had cute things like this up all year. It's kinda shimmery....ya know, kinda like Vegas, Baby!
Happy weekend to all!!


Kasey said...

darling purchases my friend! Thank you so much for braving the freezing weather to attend (and be the first one in the door)

Bill Deitch said...

Just a little's channukah shopping season too. Don't forget about me!

punkiepie said...

What adorable purchases! I love the picture frames, they are so cute. Oh, and I'm almost finished with Nie's archives- it's such an amazing story!