Sunday, December 28, 2008


Jakob is my 22 year old step-son. I have been with his father for almost 12 years so I feel like I have know him most of his life. He is quite the guy. He lives in Brooklyn and doing just what we wanted for him......setting himself up in his own life....ya know...on his own 2 feet.

He just left after being home for almost 9 days. It is really hard to say bye again. You would think I would be used to this by now. We live just outside of Chicago and he went to college in New Jersey ( i'm gonna brag a bit here...he graduated from Princeton). He is such a kind, sweet, thoughtful, courteous man. Did I just type man?? Wow, I even just shocked myself. I must be accepting him growing up. I'm suddenly so proud of myself~

This is Jakob lastnight . He's off to his annual holiday sweater party. I have a collection of these crazy outfits. Why won't he take those to NY with him?? I will have to bring that up next time I talk to him. Why does he leave the good stuff at home!

This is Jakob with his Aunt Barbara. He LOVES her very much.
My jewish "man" opening his Christmas presents on Christmas morning. No matter what we get him he always acts like it's the best thing he has ever seen. See what I mean????........he's so sweet!!
My jewish "man" eating shellfish(crab legs)on Christmas eve...BIG jewish no-no!!!! It's hard to resist surf & turf.

Things I will miss about Jakob:

Sharring a cappacino with him in the morning.

Him throwing Bradley around.

Going on any errand with me.

ALWAYS loving whatever food I put in front of him.

Jakob laughing at all my realllly bad jokes.

All his friends coming and going.

Watching Bradley wake Jakob up. Jakob ALWAYS greets him with a HUGE smile.

Unloading and reloading the dishwasher without being asked :)

Doing his OWN laundry.

Going on my computer and finding that he has logged me out of my Google account and logged himself into his own account.

Playing Hearts with Jakob and the rest of the family.

Watching him enjoy green bean casserole.

Coming up close so I will scratch his back.

Hearing all about his amazing life in person.

Watching him watch movies.

Most of all...I will miss EVERYTHING about Jakob. He is such a person!!!


the wild raspberry said...

Family is one of the biggest blessings we have...I'm glad you enjoy yours as well.

girllovesclothes said...

I do love his jacket!