Sunday, January 11, 2009


OHHHHH HAVE I BEEN A BUSY GIRL..................

Below are a few pictures of a table I found on Craigslist. I reallllly love that site. It's has been good to me both selling items and buying items.

I wish I had a before pic. It was pretty ugly. However....I had a vision. It turned out just great. Nothing a couple coats of paint and really pretty hardware can't take care of .
Just another piece of furniture to display things I love :)

The next picture is of the mirror in my dining room. Finally I pulled the trigger and painted it.
Again, I'm a happy girl~


This is a frame I bought at a resale shop on Friday. By Saturday night it was painted and ready to put on the mantle!



Those other two frames with the big one are frames I just had laying around the house. Again nothing like a bit of paint!

This is what happens when I become snow bound.
I become a busy.....busy....busy girl :)

Now if I could only remember to do all the other things I'm suppose to get done. There's always tomorrow~

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


girllovesclothes said...

you've been a busy girl. love the pearl letter!
The mirror looks devine...

punkiepie said...

That's so impressive! I hope I can be creative and productive that one day. Great job on the table, I love the silhouette on it!

The Kramer Angle said...

I've always loved white, pictureless frames and yours look fabulous! I need to get out my paint can and get busy on a bunch of my own projects.

Just be happy! said...

Wow, I love the way everything looks!
The frames, the table... it seems like everything coordinates. You're good at that!
Have a wonderful week!!!

Just be happy! said...

Amy, I had to tell you... I noticed you have interest on the crochet work I do, and I really appreciate it - very much.
So, I would like to let you know whenever you purchase an item from my shop, you can pick whatever neck warmer you like. (Please, don't feel pressured though!)
I have a few option, just take a look at my flickr page.
Once again, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your kind words.

Jeanneoli said...

Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? I also love Craig's list...both for selling and buying. Great find and it turned out beautiful!

Bill Deitch said...

Am I going to come home to an antique white dog and cat?

the wild raspberry said...

everything looks good in white! i love what you've done. the little table is fabulous. (you have a very funny hubby)

Kasey said...

hey, where did you get the idea of empty frames....huh?
love it!

Rachel said...

Can I just give you the key to my house and set you loose for a few days? I want it to look nice, but don't know how to get it there!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Absolutely Fabulous said...

thanks for dropping by! i am a mother of 2 girls 8 and 2 , and i enjoy them so much!!!
happy blogging~

Beth Quinn said...

I love what you did with the frames and the table - I love craigs list too !!!! thanks so much for your sweet comment on my new things ! just love your blog !!!! especially your 5 yr old with the tape -LOL!!

Rebekah said...

It's all so gorgeous...I love your taste!!

Suzanne said...

Hi there~ thanks for coming to visit. :) I'm enjoying reading through your blog!
I really love your new desk a few posts below, and the white frames look great on the mantle. As a mother of two boys...... be sure to hide the white paint when you are done! :) (you never know what piece of furniture may be uh, "antiqued"!)

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

I love all of the frames. I am revamping my office space and may have to do something with this effect. Love it.

The Barts said...

Great finds! I love the frames on the fireplace. Really cute decorating idea!