Friday, January 16, 2009

~The New Lid~

Every one knows that a girl needs a cute hat in order to survive this FREEEEZING cold winter Chicago is having . When I woke up this morning (4:20 am..yes I'm crazy...I get so excited that the kids might have a snow day that I can't sleep) it was -23 outside.
Well, here's my AMAZING hat.
My friend, Alessandra, made this. I had to have it so I went to her Etsy shop and I bought it.

This is the matching scarf.

Bring it on Chicago...THIS GIRL IS READY!!! (thanks to my sweet friend)


Just be happy! said...

Oh my, I didn't realize you had such beautiful blue eyes!
Anyways, I am so glad you liked the hat and scarf, it really makes my day!
I hope it keeps you nice and warm during this cold winter.
You're a great person, thank you for evertyhing!!!

The Kramer Angle said...

Great hat. I always think they look so cute on EVERYONE else but look ridiculous on me. Yours looks adorable on you!

What I wouldn't give for a snow day in Maryland. We haven't had a single snowfall this year! Stay warm.

the wild raspberry said...

Adorable! You have such a contagious smile!!

Jeanneoli said...

You look adorable in your cute hat!

punkiepie said...

That hat is so cute, I think I'm going to go buy one! You do have very beautiful blue eyes!

Thanks for posting, I hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!

Suzanne said...

Cute new hat! Looks like it will keep you warm in chilly Chicago!

Sandy said...

my kids are dying for a snow day! great hat :)

Rachel B said...

Too cute! I could have used something like this all last week! Ceara had 2 days off school because of the cold.

I crochet afghans(or at least I used to, before I had 2 kids!), but haven't ventured into the apparel world. Makes me wonder if I'd be good at it...Might have to drag out the yarn box...the cats will LOVE that!
BTW,I moved my blog...stop by!