Friday, January 9, 2009

~5 Year Olds~

Happy Friday.

This is what happens when you leave a 5 yr old little boy alone with a realllly big roll of masking tape. Who would have thought??

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I had no idea that he apprciated my mixer. has a purpose for everyone~
Yes...that's right....he stuck a car to the bottom of the tape. When a brain has room to think outside of the box amazing things happen~

I felt a little bit like a crime took place in my kitchen OR that this is a 5 yr olds impression of a high tech security system. Either way I LOVE having a son!

It was a great way to start my weekend!


Kasey said...


punkiepie said...

Wow! That's really impressive! It's amazing what they can do!!

The Kramer Angle said...

I have two boys and I wouldn't trade them for anything . You never know what they're going to do next and I just love the way they think. It's fascinating!

So, have you pulled the tape down or are you walking around, under it and over it? LOL!

Jeanneoli said...

That is AWESOME!!!! So cute and yes, boys are a lot of fun. Have a great weekend.

the wild raspberry said...

oh, that makes me laugh! it looks like he was recreating a scene from mission impossible...(backyardigans is probably more likely though, eh?)

Just be happy! said...

Ohhhh that's so cute!
I just can't wait to have a little one running around my house and brighten up my days.
It even makes me cry just thinking about how much joy we'll have.
Consider yourself a very lucky person! :o)

Bruce said...
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LazyTcrochet said...

Oh my goodness what fun!