Thursday, January 22, 2009

~The Dungeon~

This is the basement.
We had it finished over a year ago.
I picked out the color.
Moved some furniture down there.
Bought some things off Craigslist.
Bought some stuff from Target.
Plugged everything in.
Hung some stuff on the walls.
Change a few light bulbs from time to time.
Took a step back.
Realized I don't like it.

I need help.
The other thing is no one ever uses the basement unless there is a serious competition of Guitar Hero.
The DVD player is broken.
The lighting is bad.
The HUGE TV is toooo close to the couch.
I can't use the Wii Fit because the ceiling is too low for the yoga.
The couches are leather....the kids have trashed them and no matter how many pillows I put on there they are still not comfortable.
The sump pump is in the area where the TV wiring is so it goes off all the time.

I need to have a girls decorating party at my house...after I have the take down my wallpaper in my dining room party.

I love projects.

I guess I will have to procrastinate to figure out which one I should do first.


The life of a simple girl!


the wild raspberry said...

maybe you could all shrink a foot or so and ...problem solved.
it does seem a bit dark. more lamps? a lighter wall color? more pictures on the wall?
it definitely has potential. {paint some more stuff with your white paint...that always makes it look good!}

Bill Deitch said...

Hey...basements are for guys. Football games, cards, cigars, scratching. You can girl up the rest of the joint, but leave the dingy dark basement to me!

Rachel said...

You are really good with the white paint...maybe you could antique it up a bit?
Or, if you want to keep a dungeon theme going, I know a place to get cool antique embalming fluid shipping crates...

The Kramer Angle said...

I totally get you! Anyone looking at your basement would think "what's the problem, it's a great space" and it is, it just doesn't do it for you. I know that feeling.

When I look at the photos the first thing that pops in my head is it needs new paint, brighter colors, like a great warm yellow. It just needs to be cheerier so you don't get that dungeon feeling.

I wish I lived near you because I would love to a part of the decorating party! (Plus I'm really good at removing wallpaper!)

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Ya know, I think it looks like a fun place to hang out. My boys would totally love it! I understand what your saying though cause I felt the same way after re-doing my living room.Wish I could be more help.

Suzanne said...

Laughed at your husband's comment! My boys (hubby included) would LOVE a man cave! :) Maybe yours can be talked into a neutral lighter pallete? However, there is something to be said for a place where the guys can "get away"!

Kasey said...

i know who could help you...

Tutti Chic said...

basements are so tough. we have a finished basement that looks more like a dungeon. maybe more lighting a faux window painted like the outdoors? light colored furniture always brightens?! I know you'll figure it out! Thanks for visiting today. I will visit often too! :) chris

Kerri said...

hmmm! sounds like a problem! though from the pictures the basement looks great and such a large space for everyone! but brightening it up might really help.

thanks for your nice comments!! :)

Just be happy! said...

I agree with everyone, I think a lighter color on the walls and maybe just changing the position of the TV and couch, so they aren't too close together.
I am saying that just because you want to change it, because in my opinion it looks fine as it is.


I love your blog!! I just fed the kids breakfast and did my dishes while jamming to your music playlist!!! What a lovely person you are so upbeat and funny!!! I love that you have redone that basement a few times and I looked back at some of your Craig's list finds and projects.. that desk, those frames and the iron pieces... wow!!! Looking forward to seeing what you tackle next!!

Jeanneoli said...

First of all, this is a GREAT space!! You are really fortunate to have such a lovely finished basement. I really like the sage colored walls and beadboard. The only room that needs to be repainted is the red room. If you added a lighter color, painted some of your furniture white or a lighter color and get a cute slip covered white couch from IKEA. What a great space for your family...and your husband has spoken...don't make it too girly:-) I am still waiting for my basement to get finished...a little jealous here!