Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok...so...I run this pretty busy business out of my home.
I am looking for someone to come in and help.
The reason I need help is because I would occasionally like to sit around and eat bon bons.
Maybe watch Oprah every once in a while.
It would free up some time to actually organize my pantry..maybe even my closet.
I could just shop....shop....shop.
Make a healthy meal for my family(yeah right).
Read more books to my boy.
Spend more time with friends.
Work out more!
The list goes on and on...................


punkiepie said...

Oh I wish I lived near you! I would help you organize your pantry, I love to organize things- I hate laundry though :)

Just be happy! said...

I guess I don't mind doing laundry here in the US because of how time consuming is doing laundry in Brazil... you have to hang them outside, pick them up, iron EVERYTHING... yuck!
I love dryers!! :o)

Dinner is much simpler tonight, I am just going to make chicken fajitas - I'm busy cutting fabric... lol

the wild raspberry said...

we are in trouble friend...i LOVE to organize- but i hate laundry too!!!! {my pile is bigger than yours}
so, instead of starting a load, i'm just playing on the computer. ok. i'm heading down right now. i'm serious. you go start a load too. promise? GO already.

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

I can so relate. Can we have a cyber girls night with an online movie and I can ship bon bons? lol. You have such a beautiful blog! :)

The Kramer Angle said...

I'm with you! Laundry is the bane of my existance! I don't mind washing and folding it - I hit the wall when I have to put it away!

I didn't get the "organize things" gene!

Bill Deitch said...

You promised you would quit complaining about laundry if I let you trade in the washboard and scrub brush for those newfangled electric and gas gizmos in the picture. Just for that, I am not getting the electric butter churn for you.

kbreints said...

I will trade you-- Laundry for pantry duties.... I don't mind laundry... but it never seems to go away at my house. :( Dishes however... I would pay someone to do dishes... until hubby puts in a dishwasher... errrrr

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I hear ya sista! Sometimes, we just need to get away!