Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~Off To The Big Apple~

When my oldest son (well, actually he's my step-son but that just doesn't sound or feel right to me), Jakob, graduated from college last year, he was eaten up by a law firm in New York.
Hang on a minute...I have to grab a kleenex.
The first chicken has left the nest.
Maisy's still not that sure about this.
As I have now realized, I must let him spread his wings.
Mama bird has a hard time with this from time to time.
Hang on....I need another kleenex~


We are going to the BIG APPLE this weekend to visit him.
We are all so excited.
Including him.

This is my Jakob~

Jakob and his dad in matching soccer shirts.
Seiously girls...don't give me any s**t about this.
They are both grown men who should just know better.
See what happens when we are not around...things like this!!!
Courtesy of Google Images...This is what we will be doing during this fine weekend~
Again, courtesy of Google Images.
I get chills just thinking about Ellis Island.
My husband's parent's family's came through Ellis Island.
We don't know the last names because they were changed here.
Did any one see Hitch????
If not, watch it.
Ellis Island reminds me of that movie too!

Wait a did that one get in here???
Again..matching family.
I really need to ad"dress"this with them. HAHAHAHA
Man, do I crack myself up!
Hang on, I have to compose myself..

Ok...Ok...I'm ready now!

Any-Hoo...I'm telling you all about this because I will be gone from my favorite people in the whole world (yes, that's you)until Monday.
If I was on the ball all week I wouldn't have to do EVERYTHING tomorrow to get ready.
However, I do I must say goodbye.

I will truly miss you.
I have one word to say.....BLACKBERRY!!!
I'm so happy I just got one.
Now I can keep up with my blog via my e-mail!

I will bring back lots of photos and memories to share.

Until then.......HAPPY WEEKEND!!!


Forever Vintage said...

Great pics. Your son and his father look so much alike...and I think its cool that they wore the same shirts! Have fun in the Big Apple!

LuLu said...

Have a wonderful, fantastic, great time! Your family is so cutE! Just adore the pictures. Here's to your weekend in New York! yippeee!!!
thanks for the nicest comment, :)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Have fun!! Have you been? You will LOOOVE it!

CT said...

Oh have a great time!!! Takelots of photos! (my only issue with blackberry is that I cannot get one with 8mpixels....drat!) oh, that and the price!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Have a GREAT time Amy! I will miss you!! And by the way your step-son and your husband look sooooo much alike! I bet they hear that all the time!

Christina said...

How fun!! Hope you have a wonderful time in NY. I loved the movie Hitch.

I'm sure you will have so much to tell us when you get back!

the wild raspberry said...

have a great time and bring me back some great boots!!!!
maybe a watch too ;)
be careful...i'll miss ya.

LillySue said...

Maisy~ What a great shot of your "Boys". I love them in the matching shirts! (They do look very much alike!) I have a question...When they get to beyond college they not mind you hugging and fussing about them in public anymore??? Sniff sniff, I hate it when I am not allowed to say goodbye the way a Mama likes to say goodbye to my boy. Have a great time and bring back pictures!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

have the BEST is simply the BEST when the fam is all together...!!!! My sis is going to be in NY this weekend, too. I think I might have to hop in some luggage to tag along....

Love the SWEETEST pictures of your fam!!! Keep 'em coming!

Hugs to you...AND YOURS!


Sheila R said...

Have a wonderful time!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Have a most fabulous time in the Big Apple! Are you hitting the Annex Flea Market while you're there?

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Oh have fun!!! I'm sure it will be a fantastic trip. Take lots and lots of pictures.

Kasey said...

have fun girl!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Enjoy your trip! Take lots of pictures and let us know all about your time away from us!! Your son and hubby look so much alike!! Enjoy your time in my old hometown!!! Wave to Queens for me!

Gi said...


Our families also came via ellis Island...our names Pescuma and Aiello.

Any who I know how you love old glass bowls and so forth so I thought I would pass along to you this womans blog/photos...check it'll love it....

Sarah said...

We are so alike Amy! I have 3 that I can't ever quite say stepsons it doesn't seem right ever! I hope that you guys all have a fabulous time in NY!! I would LOVE to go to Ellis Island! My grandmother came over from the Ukraine through there! I totally think of the movie Hitch too! Such an exciting trip!!! Have a great time and be sure to post pictures!!! :)

Lou Cinda said...

New York City!! The MOST awesome city in the world! And what an exciting adventure he is about to embark on! And you get to visit!!! You will have a BLAST!! I LOVE NYC and would go every month if I could!! Have a great time and congrats to your "son"!

Lou Cinda :)

Anne Marie said...

Have a fantastic time! Take a big slice of that apple home with you!!

littlebyrd said...

Oh - New York!! I hope you are having a wonderful time! These family pcitures are just great - everyone looks so cute and happy!

Jen r. said...

Have a great time! Jen