Thursday, April 2, 2009


Now...I'm not a big Martha Stewart fan.
I know, I know, you probably are.
I can't help myself. I just think she is so cold (there is another word that comes to mind but I wouldn't want to offend anyone).

Any-hoo...I was at Macy's yesterday and came across the MS section.
I was really surprised.....some of her prices are down right offensive....I mean come on...for a plastic ice-tea thingy they want $100. Did I mention it was PLASTIC??

I was really taken back. I am a Target & HomeGoods girl.
I want cute but inexpensive.
Stylish but reasonable.
Do ya get my drift???

As I was walking out I caught these darling dish towels out of the corner of my eye.
The best part is they were $11.95 for three (3).
So I shrugged, grabbed em and headed to the check out counter with a coupon in hand.
See how that works??? Coupon and all :)

This would be a photo of a thing-a-ma-bob that I bought at the flea market.
It has 2 hooks and a medallion in the middle.
Hard to pass up.
I just knew I would have to place some of my aprons on it.
Here it is close up.
I have to say.... I LOVE IT...LARGE!!!!
Yeah for thing-a-ma-bobs!!
This is one (1) of a set of six chairs that I "didn't" paint last week.
I just love the fabric. If you click on the picture you can see it close up.
I reallllly wish I had a before photo of the chairs.
I will do a post soon to show you how much better my dining room looks now with these chairs.
(please ignore the wallpaper behind the chair...seriously, just pretend it's not there...thank you)

This is a pic of a giraffe I brought home from Jamaica 3 years ago.
When we lived in our old house he lived on our screened in porch.
He is homeless now. He just doesn't fit in.
I sure wish I had the perfect place for him.
The table was also out there.
She's homesless too.
At least they have each other.

I have to be honest...I have NOOOO idea why I just put that picture in this post.
Oh well...that's what blogs are for.

Well.....Happy Thursday!!!!



Walking on Sunshine... said...

That's too funny! Your poor giraffe!!! Love the towels and absolutely love the doornob thingy. I feel the same way about Martha. Love her things at Macys, but find them way too expensive as well. But I love Macys and if you have a coupon, it's like Christmas!!!

Katie said...

I L.O.V.E the giraffe! It reminds me of Africa, even though you got in in Jamaica. I hope you find a place for her, but if you don't- I'd totally buy it from you!!

And that fabric is really great. Do you have any plans with the wallpaper? Paint over it or re-paper?

LillySue said...

Maisy~ Your chair is beautiful! I also like your thing a mabob. I need one to put up on my laundry room door to hang my aprons on. Yeah, ditto on M.S. She thinks she is something and her prices reflect it. Most of my blog friends have ideas just as good as she does!! (Including YOU!)
Blessings~ LillySue

Just be happy! said...

I'm not a big MS fan either...
Love your chair, you did a really good paint job!
Don't feel bad that you hadn't stopped by, I understand that we need to take a break every now and then. Just want you to know that I miss you though.
Take care.

Allegra said...

You know what I am about to say...your chair is so dreamy! Envy comes to mind.

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Did you hear that? It was me gasping from here in PA! I love MS, you are crazy. lol

Those dish towels are adorable and the sight of aprons on a it!

CT said...

I like the cute little homeless giraffe!!! and the wallpaper.. no, I won't pretend it's not there because I want it for my bedroom! I always dreamed of a bedroom wallpapered like that when I was a little girl and have not gotten over it!!!

and shhhh.... don't tell... I don't like MS either... don't you get the image she feels better than everyone else? (don't kill me, rest of the world!)

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

i HEART the chair....WOW! and the giraffe is so sweet....I think he could fit *anywhere!??? Perhaps no...?! I love the look of a little funk with the classic vintage finds. You can TOTALLY pull it off!

As a PS - MS is highly "been there, done that". Seriously. I love the presentation in her magazines, but I know it isn't her, just her EVER-so-talented staff...!!!

XOXO to you!

LuLu said...

Your chair and dish towels are lovely! and thing amabobs are always so handy!! Now you have to keep the giraffe! it so cute.

Amber Ellis said...

Oh honey, I feel the same way about Martha Stuart. She seems like the most unfriendly person I've ever seen. I have no desire to watch her on television. I don't see how anyone likes her.

About those towels though, they are too cute! And the aprons and little wall mount are adorable.

P.S. Don't worry about the wallpaper, there are things in everyone's house that they wish they could remove! Believe me. And as far as the giraffe goes, I'm sure he will find his way into someone's home. He wouldn't go too well here either! We all must move on :)

jen said...

Love those towels!!


gwengoods said...

I completely agree on the $100 vs. $12, they are cute towels, I love the giraffe. Your chair is wonderful!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Oh Amy, that chair would look so good at my dining room table!!! Love the fabric! And I didnt even noticed the floral wallpaper! :) You have some super cute aprons too.

Bill Deitch said...

There is a funny story about the giraffe. When we were buying it from the guy on the beach who was also the artist who carved it, we began a long conversation with him. He was a really interesting guy in that easy going Jamaican kind of way. Very spiritual and kind. Anyway, we decided to have him "sign" the piece so we would remember him. He said he would before he packed it for shipping. We we were back at home and unpacked the giraffe, the artist's signiture was carved into the side of the giraffes butt in 1.5 inch letters! i missed the ego part when we were talking to him. Now I will never forget "Robert" from Negril. Have Maisy post a pic of the giraffes hind end.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I really like your apron collection and how you've hung it up on that flea market find.

Kasey said...

I will ignore the wallpaper....for now;-)
chairs turned out great.
poor girafe.
lovely towel finds. Did you know that kmart has some MS things as well, and i have found cute, cute aprons and towels there for great prices.

Tara said...

Hi amy! i agree with you on MS, I have never been a fan of hers, and I also agree that a plastic pitcher should not cost $100.00 yikes! Love the towels and your thing-a-ma-bob...adorable! Have a wonderful weekend...hopefully your giraff finds a home can be lonely without a place of your own! :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Love your stuff! You have great taste!