Thursday, April 30, 2009

~The Candle Lady & My Winners~

I have decided that I really need to give my sweet friend, Tricia, from Backyard Candle Co., a shout out.
I have to tell you, she has the most amazing candles.
Now, .....I'm a reallly picky girl when it comes to candles.
I always find myself disappointed because I can't smell them after about .10 of a second.
They always smell great when I'm buying them. Just not when I get them home and burn them.
These candles are not like that at all!!

These candles burn CLEAN. I mean Clean.
They are soy candles and there is NO soot on the jar.
I have one and I burn it all the time.
I swear, it's almost a religious experience.
The candle never runs out.

I asked Tricia if I could ask her a few questions.
This is what she has to say:

1) How long have you been making candles?
I've been making them for about seven(7)years. I started out making them in my basement and doing craft shows and a few wholesale orders. Then when the time was right, I was blessed to open the store.

2) How many scents are available and what sizes do you offer?
We have so many scents to choose from. I would say off the top of my head around 50. Now, not all of them are out in the store at one time because we just simply don't have the room. Many of them are seasonal, but we do however have all of the scents available for refills year round. We have three(3) sizes, 5oz., 10oz. and 16 oz. We also have an assortment of vintage goodies that we fill with candles. We like to call them "hodge podge."

3) I know in your brick and mortar store you sell things other than candles. Do you ever plan to off those items on your Etsy store?
I definitely will be selling some of the vintage goods on Etsy in the near future.
4) How do you balance family and your passion for candles?
Ya know, my mom and sister help out so much at the store that it is pretty easy to keep things running smoothly at home. My husband also helps out so much at home with my boys that if I am super busy with the store, I know he has things under control. I seriously have the best of both worlds!

5) Do you have a business partner?
My business partner is my sweet mom.

6) What is it like working with your mom?
Honestly, it is great. We have definitely had out moments but at the end of the day, we wouldn't change a thing.

7) Last thought....what would you like to do next?
I would LOVE to expand our business into a line of bath and body products. I would also like to have a mini boutique. I already have some tees and jewelry in the store , but I would love to expand that as well. One last thing is to have a functioning website where I can sell ALL the things we offer in our store, not just vintage and handmade.

Wow, Tricia, you are a motivated girl.
Do drop by her blog and say hello.

BUT.......this get's even better.
She's letting me give a way one of her 16 oz candles.
Scent of your choice.
Just comments here and you will be entered!

OK, OK,'s time to reveal my winners..
Ready?? No, really, are you ready?? It could be you....ya never know!!! Can ya guess who it is?? I so do you. The winners are...........
Lilly Sue from A Peace of Bliss
Tracy from Loving Pretty Things

Please e-mail me so we can work on this together!!!


the wild raspberry said...

that tricia is such a nice gal!!!!
it was great to read about her.
i will be showing off what i bought from her in a couple of days...not a candle....something else...hmmmm.
have a wonderful weekend.

Just be happy! said...

congratulations to the lucky winners!
have a great weekend.

Anne Marie said...

Lilly Sue is a lucky girl!! She won mine too :)

and THANK YOU for the candle tip -
now to only find someone with really good soap!

littlebyrd said...

What a great interview with Tricia - such a sweet girl!!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed to win a candle :)
COngrats to the two winners here!!

apriliniowa said...

Hi there-Tricia is a a good friend of mine and I've been in love with her candles for awhile. Her store and home are beautiful and she really does have fabulous candles that retain their scent. Great interview! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try a Backyard Candle! I hate when you can see the soot. Thanks for the great recommendation!

Tara said...

Oh Tricia, I would love to live closer to her and be neighbors, she is such a darling girl!! And I agree her candles smell fabulous, I have one of her hodge podge candles in a vintage creamer and I love it!! Congrats to the winners!

Kristen said...

I'd like to enter to win the candle please.


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...


I can't wait to shop, shop, shop!

LOVED this Q & A with Tricia. LOVE her candles, love her store, love her blog, love HER!

xo to you my friend!!


Anonymous said...

I will definitely have to take a look at those candles!! Love candles!! And I'm going to take a look at your shop as well because Tracy at Lovely Pretty Things awarded me with a $20 shopping spree to your shop!! How excited am I!!! Have a great weekend!! :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Congrats to your winners! I've been to her blog, very nice! Maybe I can win a candle!!!

Sarah said...

Great post! I can't wait to take time and browse her blog thoroughly!
Congratulations to the winners!

Have a great weekend! :)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Yeah!!! Looking forward to your shopping!!! Thank you for stopping by!

Allegra said...

Really funny/fun that you did and interview with Tricia. When I was at Tracy's I was asking her, "What's your favorite scent? Can I see some!? Tracy gave me two votives to take home BUT I forgot them :("
I think it's time to save for one! Yay!

Jen r. said...

Lucky winners! Jen

Jeanneoli said...

What a great interview! I love Tricia's candles too and burn them ALL the time. I even gave them for Christmas gifts and people raved about them.

gwengoods said...

very nice interview, and congrats to the winners, sorry I missed the giveaway!

Sandi said...

Wow a candle giveaway?? COUNT me in! I love candles!!

Christina said...

I love candles and am very picky too. I'll have to go over and check her blog out. My hubby bought me a soy candle around Thanksgiving and I loved it.

Have a great weekend!

LuLu said...

Great interview with Tricia. I love her blog as well. Congreats to the winners!!!