Monday, March 30, 2009

~This Is Not How It Always Looks~

This is Bradley's bedroom.
And no, it doesn't always look this neat and picked up.
I'm just not sure if I have the guts to show you how it really looks.

This photo was taken looking into his room from his door.
He has the brightest room in the house.
Lucky guy.
Oh....I also forgot to mention that he is the only full time child in this house and he has the smallest room.
Go figure??

This is a bookcase from Ikea that I purchased when he was a baby.
I painted it brown and lined that back with bandana fabric.
Most of the items in his room were purchased from either HomeGoods or Hobby Lobby.

Bradley's bed was his crib. We purchased the conversion kit and waaaa it's a full size bed.
I love magic :)
Again, his bed was bigger than his 19 yr old sisters until about a month ago.
Go figure???
We are really a backwards family.
Oh you know!!!
Just a wall of cute stuff.
I love the cowboy theme.
These days he wants Star Wars.
Do you think he knows who he's messin' with here???
Seriously people, Star Wars.

This was a picture my friend drew for him.
Right before she left me for Texas.
Silly friend!!!

These are iron stars I bought in Texas while visiting my friend that moved on me.
If you are reading this....feel guilty! Yes, that's right. Maybe someday you will move back here.

Again, from Texas. Same trip. Same friend. Same guilt trip!
Iron hooks. The problem I have with these is this:
They look much cuter when they don't have anything hanging from them.
However, they look sad when nothing is hanging from them.
UGH!!!!!!(see....that's is truly how my brain works)

These were a Christmas present from my other friend. Now Bradley has a wall of chalk boards.
The funny thing was he thought that he threw them out when he was done doodling on them.

I FINALLY bought him this Ikea guy. He loves it. It's amazing what positions he gets this guy in. TOOOO FUNNY!!!

Well...there ya have it.
Another room in Maisy's home.

Happy Monday.

PS Not sure how much I will be able to post this week.
It's spring break and I'm hoping to be out of the house most of the time.


the wild raspberry said...

love the peek into the little guy's room...such cute decorations {they beat star wars any day ;) }
hope you had a great weekend.
enjoy your week!!!!

Nikki said...

What a cute room, hold your ground and don't give in to Star Wars!

Tara said...

Cute cute cute!! I agree with your friend Nikki hold your ground don't give into starwars!! Thanks for sharing...happy spring break!

LillySue said...

When my son had just turned one, we bought a house. It had a nursery in it with pastel baby paper. I figured it was good for the moment. When he was getting close to turning 2 and would be moving out of the crib, I started to think, "I should probably strip that paper and do a big boy room". But that is a big job and I kept putting it off. Well, one day when I went in to get him up from a nap....he had found an edge in the wallpaper and had stripped a big piece right off the wall behind his crib. Decision made! Heehee! We put up a adorable "Cowboy Kitties" border and western accents like you. I LOVED it! When he could talk, of course he wanted "Thomas the Tank Engine"....
Blessings- LillySue

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

Happy Spring Break is right! I'm excited - my daughter's spring break is in a few weeks....!

Bradley's room is SO cute - I third the comments: stick to this room, it can last so long! Star Wars is a toy, not a room theme! :)

Love this post - so fun to see your home!

Christina said...

Have a great spring break.

Your sons room is adorable. My son would probably prefer Star Wars too. I should just buy him some sheets to hide under his quilt.

Katie said...

I really love the book case!! What a great idea. I don't do too many other crazy things, the only other really time consuming cleaning event is taking down the blinds and curtains to clean.

I hope you guys have a wonderful spring break!!

Katie said...

I really love the book case!! What a great idea. I don't do too many other crazy things, the only other really time consuming cleaning event is taking down the blinds and curtains to clean.

I hope you guys have a wonderful spring break!!

Sandi said...

Cute room for a little guy! Both my "little" guys are all grown up now and have children of their own.
Blessings ~

LuLu said...

Very cute room and I like the the theme... have a fun week.

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Super cute room! My Sawyer has a cowboys room too, but its Dallas Cowboys! :) He is a HUGE fan! Really enjoy seeing all the pics of your home! On a side note, I heard through the grapevine that your going to the Farmchicks show! JEALOUS!!!! You guys will have a blast! Hope you have a great Monday and enjoy your spring break!

Just be happy! said...

what a cute room Bradley has!
enjoy Spring break with your kiddo!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

So cute!! How old is your son? Our two-year-old has an 18-year-old half sister!! :)

The Kramer Angle said...

Hi Amy,

I just heard a news report on CNN that even though we're in bad economic times candy sales are booming. Apparently during tough times people turn to candy so hurry up and get your candy store up and running on Etsy! I'm feeling stressed and could use some gumdrops!

Kasey said...

stay away from the "theme'd" bedroom!
I love the way it is....just perfect.

Jeanneoli said...

I have to say that my almost nine year old has a Star Wars room and it looks great. I am all about decorating. He had an airplane room and we have slowly changed it. I will post pics soon. I think it turned out great....and the most important part is that he loves it and his friends think I am really cool:-)

Momovthree said...

I love it, it looks like a happy room! I need to figure out some sort of design for my son's room and it's so hard! The girls rooms were cake but his, ugh.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Ooooh, oooooh, oooooh! Cuteness Alert! This room is adorable. I loved all of the special touches, and he is one mighty blessed boy to have such a great space! Just darling!

Oh, and a close friend of mine moved to Texas on me, too! Those Texas girls love their state! And really, who can blame them?


Sheila :-)

Anne Marie said...

WOW! it's great!!
my boys are in the process of getting a remodel - and star wars! I know!!! lego star wars war figurines that....
I'm with you sista...there is NO WAY I'm decorating with a star wars "theme" -
Vintage Airplane it is then!
(absolutely great pictures) you gotta catch them when you can!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Cute room! Was it one of those 'quick lets get a picture before it gets messed up' moments? That's how it rolls at MY house, anyway.:~D

littlebyrd said...

Cute room! So many great little details to look at. I just bought that little wooden guy from Ikea too for Oliver (my son) and then guess who goes and brakes it right away - me. He was very forgiving but gave it to me to keep :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

The bookcase is so fabulous - love the back!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...


This is the start of a beautiful relationship!! :)

Sarah said...

I KNEW I was supposed to go to Ikea when we were there! My husband so owes me an Ikea trip! It has been three years! :) I love his room, it is adorable. My boys would love a Star Wars or Lego room.