Monday, March 23, 2009

~My New Goodwill Finds~

Every Monday morning I drop Bradley off at school and head to my local Goodwill.
Sometimes, as all of you know, it is hit or miss.
Well, today was a hit day.


This is everything I got:
A jar with a lid- $1.99(back left)
Vintage lime green baker. (I'm a freak for these. I have no idea why) - $1.99
a 1965 aqua blue Singer sewing machine - $6.99 (I have noooo idea why I bought this...I had to have it)
Bag of moss - 2.99 (to fill the jar and put a nest in it)
Needle point frame - $.49 (I saw on another blog that someone put fabric in it...CUTE)
Can open - $.99 (just needed one)
1930 salt and pepper shaker - $9.99 (new in box...never used...person even kept record of where they bought it and for how much.)
Total - $25.43

I wish you could see the color.
It is so cute.
Seriously though, I have no idea what to do with it.
My husband just rolled his eyes at me.
However, it makes me giddy...yes that's right....giddy!!!!

These are just beautiful. I couldn't pass them up.
I looked them up and they are worth around $150. AWESOME investmemnt.
However, I don't want to get rid of them. I just want to enjoy them.
Haven't quite decided if I am going to use them or not....I don't even know if I'm going to polish them.
What do you think I should do with them???

This is my dog, Stitch and my cat, Riffy.
Thought I would just throw this pic in to see if you are paying attention.
I just want you all to know that this cat RULES this dog.
This is a rare photo. When Riffy is this close to Stitch he is usually biting or smackin' him.
Poor Stitch.

Anyway....back to the whole Goodwill thing....
I don't think I have EVER spent $25.43 at Goodwill in one stop.
OH WAIT...I almost forgot..since I spent over $20 I got 5% off.
That brings my grand total tooooooooooooo:

Gotta love a great bargain!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


Wendy said...

What a great deal!! I love goodwill!!

Anne Marie said...

I saw your blog icon somewhere...not sure where??

it's very nice to meet you!

Amber Ellis said...

The salt and pepper shakers are awesome, and that apothecary jar is to die for!!

I look forward to the day when I have free time to spend in Goodwill again! Wyatt isn't the best shopping buddy :)

LillySue said...

Miss Maisy~
Thanks for stopping by to see my cookbook cupboard redo. I SOOooooo wish I could go Goodwilling with you!! We have two different ones we go to. Just been a bunch of junk lately...imagine that, heehee!! I am loving your new sewing machine. I would have totally snapped that up.
Blessings- LillySue

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Ya know, you just can't beat goodwill! Looks like you hit the mother load! Darling sewing machine. And in no way, would I polish the salt and pepper shakers. They are perfect just the way they are! Also wanted to add that I usually hear how much I look like my dad, so it was fun to hear someone thinks I look like my mom!

Gi said...

Love the singer sew is the machine I learned on back in 1978 and it was made the year I was born 1965.

I almost bought a refurbished singer at Joanns for 70 bucks but your posted just reminded me that I wanted to check craigslist.

Great deal Amy

Momovthree said...

I am in love with those shakers! They are so amazing. Great deals!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

AWESOME! I need to go shopping with you!! :) Such a great eye - SUCH great finds!!!!!

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Love, love your finds and want that sewing machine.


southerninspiration said...

Oh, way to go Maisy!!! Cool finds!


Forever Vintage said...

I love the sewing vintage! I think you did well with all your finds!

Just be happy! said...

awesome finds, love the sewing machine!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Great Goodwill loot! Love that sewing machine - it's a beauty.

Jeanneoli said...

The sewing machine is darling and the salt and pepper shackers are perfect! I wouldn't polish them...I like tarnished silver and I am lazy:-)

the wild raspberry said...

lovin the salt and pepper shakers--i have an old set that i should use them. plain and simple. nothing is better than using the old things you love.

did you try to sew with the sewing machine? it may be a real dandy!
it's so cute.


Sandi said...

You found some neat items. LOVE the s and p shakers and the sewing machine. What a deal! Had that been at our Goodwill it would have been $20 or more. ENJOY your bargains!!

Oh and I noticed your dog and cat...LOL


Tara said...

Lovin' the sewing machine and the shakers..I say leave them just the way they are, age and beautiful!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the color of the sewing machine. I cannot believe you got all that for only $24!!! Your hubby needs to shake his head up and down for, "You go girl!"

Sarah said...

WTG! The sewing machine is awesome! So cool in blue! The salt and pepper shakers are amazing! Wow, I can't believe their value! So many ideas, do you have a china cabinet you can display them in? I might do something like that. There is a quote out there from Rita Rudner I believe that says "the things I pay the least for, I value the most" that is SO me. The cheaper it is the more I treasure and protect it! LOL Have a great day! Great shopping day!!!

Allegra said...

Deals make me giddy!! I just found some great ones at garage sales!

Victoria said...

I think I have a Goodwill addiction. :) I find myself in there once a week. He He.

I love your deals and esp the color of the sewing machine!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I got an almost identical little glass jar yesterday too!! So fun!

Kasey said...

good finds.

LuLu said...

Fun deals indeed and I would leave the salt and pepper shakers just the way they are!