Thursday, March 12, 2009

~Photo Friday~

Here I go again.....

Photo Friday.

This is what I see......

My pond is FINALLY back on.
Can't wait until my water lillies bloom and my water hyacinth has taken over the pond.
Maybe this year I will give water lettuce a shot again.
My fish love to eat all the roots on the floating plants.
That's the other thing....I need to buy all new fish!
The sound of frogs mating alllllll night long is hilarious.
The neighbors even comment on it. Those little amphibians make quite the ruckus.

This is what I spotted out my kitchen window.
Isn't he beautiful??
So red he almost looks fake.
I just love that my husband loves bird feeders.
In the summer we always get birds I can't identify.
I take pics and head to my bird books.
Now that I have a zoom lense for my camera it will be even easier.

Every morning Bradley and I have the same conversation. This is how it goes..

Maisy: Bradley, do hear that??
Bradley: I don't hear anything.
Maisy: You don't hear annnnnnything??
Bradley: Well, maybe I hear something.
Maisy: Bradley, what do you think it is??
Bradley: Mom, I told you's the birds.
Maisy: YEAH!!!! Spring is on its way.
Bradley: I know!!!!!

There ya have it....
my next stage production..."Maisy Hears a Bird"


Happy Friday!!


Momovthree said...

Oh he is beautiful! Bird watching is so relaxing. My parents seem to get a lot of birds in their yard and dad loves to put his feeders out. They had a pair of doves that would come and sit on their deck every day. We haven't seen them in a while now but they were so fun to watch.

My son pointed out the daylilies coming through the dirt to his sisters today. You know, the green that I pointed out to him yesterday. Unfortunately they were not nearly as excited as the 3 year old was. Boo.

Anonymous said...

I love birds and need to fill my feeder. I noticed that when it was warm the other day that I had Blue Jays out looking for the food. We also have a white squirrel that loves to eat out of the feeder.

I love your pond and I have always wanted to get one. Just never have yet. Maybe I can do that this spring.


Kasey said...

I see three kids waiting for me to get them dressed.

the wild raspberry said...

water lettuce is good too....i love cardinals {i can do a very good imitation :) }
have a good weekend miss maisy.

Forever Vintage said...

The cardinal is so beautiful. I have only seen one once in my backyard at a former place that I lived in. I wish there were more where I lived.

Backyard Candle Co. said...

That bird is gorgeous! What a sight to see out your window. Dont you just love the sound of water trickling in your backyard. I think its so calming! Have a good weekend!

Victoria said...

Oh I'm jealous! I have always wanted a pond and yours is beautiful!!!

Sheila R said...

Yes the birds are seeming to be pushing in the spring weather, a bit reluctant but it will be here soon. Just love your bird picture.

Jen r. said...

I saw a wood pecker today an d a bit f green grass.. yay spring in Chicago!