Friday, March 20, 2009


This is what I wanted to take a picture of.
The top cake plate I purchased at Goodwill for $1.99
Middle cake plate I got from my sweet, sweet friend Kasey.
The bottom one is from Homegoods. I think I paid $12.99 for it.

I have decided that this weekend I am going to do some baking.
I want to fill these babies up.
The are starting to feel neglected.
I don't know if your cake plates talk to you but mine talk to me.

On the top one I will put chocolate covered strawberries.
The middle one I will use for a pie.
The bottom one will have a coconut cake on it.




devri said...

Jelous, I don't even own one. But then again, I never bake.

Make sure you take photos when you fill them up and share!!!

the wild raspberry said...

sounds delicious amy!
i love cake most sentimental is a pink depression glass that is from my grandma who has passed away.
happy spring to you-

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I only one one...ONE. I need to find some more as I love them!!! I am planning on making a cake also for my family this weekend! Enjoyed looking at your treasures!

Gloria said...

Happy Spring Amy

They all sound yummy and I am jealous because I can't eat any of them, watching the waist line for my up coming vacation.

I do however have a yummy Apple pie recipe that is almost half the calories if your interested. I made them for ThanksGiving and Christmas and everyone love them and when I told them that it was almost half the calories they were thrilled.

Today I will test ride my new basket yet.....who knows maybe I will get one for my anniversary today!

Well I am off to sweep the deck ...getting it ready for SPRING!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

I simply ADORE cake plates. Someday I'll take a picture of my collection! (you might be able to see some of it on my posting today - on the blue sideboard table under or TV)

Happy First Day of Spring! Love your cakeplates! Can't wait to hear what you bake!

LuLu said...

I'll be right over to help you eat some of those treats! yumm my tummy just rumbled!!
I'll bring tea,

Momovthree said...

Mmmmm...sounds good. Save me some, okay?

Loralee and the gang... said...

Can I come for a visit?

Tara said...

Love those cake plates, and i will be with LuLu and swing on over! Yummy! Have a great weekend baking! Happy Spring.

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Ok, my youngest son and my hubby will be right over! Sawyer loves chocolate covered strawberries and hubby loves coconut cake! Youve inspired me to get bakin'! Have a fabulous weekend.

LillySue said...

MMmmmm- I can smell all the goodies already!! I think white chocolate on strawberries is beautiful and tasty. I look forward to seeing them all aranged on your pretty plates. Have fun!!
Blessings- LillySue
P.S. ~Happy*Spring~

Katie said...

Order: 1 Coconut Cake made by Maisy! My mouth is watering just thinking about all the delicious goodies you're going to make. Lucky family you have!

Sandi said...

Love the cake plates! You can bake for me...hee hee! Actually I LOVE to bake...I would much rather bake than cook!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love your cake stand collection. But what you're planning to put on them sounds amazing!

Christina said...

Love all three of your cake plates. They will be lovely filled with wonderful baked goods. Mmmmmm!

Reese & Marie said...

All three of those are darling. I especially love the one you got at Goodwill since it was such a bargain. I got a great ruffled milkglass one there for I think $3.99. Isn't that the best feeling?

paige said...

well of course they talk!! :)
i borrowed a fenton ( i think that's correct) gorgeous blue one from my father in law's collection...i LOVE it
i think its telling me to bless it with a yellow cake & buttercream frosting

♥ miss.michelle said...

...I enjoy reading your blog, it's very nice ;)

I love your cake stands! I recently picked up an old milk-glass one while thrifting for my big, glass bell jar I purchased at Pier-One. I love succulents, so I placed some on top the stand and put the bell jar on top. It's pretty cute, I must say :D


Sarah said...

I want a cake plate! I just saw they are on sale at Target for $9.99 this week! Ack! Although, I want them more for decor use than to make a cake on it! :)
I hope you had a great time baking! :)