Thursday, February 5, 2009

~New Beginnings for Old Things~

I spent the morning going from store to store.
I ended my excursion by going to my two favorite small, and I mean small, resale shops.
I found this adorable tin.
It tells a store of a couple in love.
How appropriate for Valentine's Day~
Tell me.....which side is your favorite??

This is a gardening book from 1965. I had to have it.
I'm really not much of a gardener but it just seems so feminine to me.
I am just loving all things GIRLY~ Especially old things~

This was just a plain old milk jar until........

I noticed it has an A on it...A for Amy....Get it??
That just gives you a taste of how clever I am~

Do you have any ideas on what I should put in it??
I thought I could use it to put flowers in that I pick up at our local French Market.
Ladies...I need ideas.
Don't hold back.
I am open to anything and everything!


(it's almost the weekend)


The Kramer Angle said...

I love the bottle and the "A" makes it so appropriate for you! I have a couple of bottles like that and occasionally I actually use them for milk! Go figure! When relatives come to visit overnight I pour some milk in one of the bottles an set it on the table with a box of Wheaties and some fruit and a simple breakfast is elevated to something a little more special!

I also love the flowers idea!

Katie said...

You will probably hate this idea, but I used to have a fish that lived in a jar like that, with a plant on top and some pretty glass marbles on the bottom. They have a symbiotic relationship, and the plant cleans the water for you. My fish lived for two years and it was really easy and pretty.

I love the tin! My favorite side is the one with the black poodle. I wish we had a French Market. What kind of things can you get there? Is it like a farmer's market?

the wild raspberry said...

that tin is very cute...i love every side. i really like the old bottle--i would wash it a bunch of times and then use it for juice or milk, also. it is so fun to use something besides plastic.

ps your package is on it's way--the girls are so excited!

Rachel said...

I love the tin. It's adorable. I'd find something witty to put in it, not sure what, but I'm sure an idea would strike. Maybe I'd put the plastic put of cat grass in it? Who knows. Because they NEED something pretty to eat out of, you know, before they puke on my laptop.

Kasey said...

i say you use it to collect old white buttons, but that's me and you asked.

Backyard Candle Co. said...

fresh flowers, you can never go wrong with fresh flowers. Or, you could put small rocks in the bottom (you know, the pretty ones) and grow bamboo.

Jeanneoli said...

I love the old jar. I would wash it up and us it. I have one that I use for flowers, juice etc..It is nice to use something different. Thank you so much for posting my journals on your site. That was a lovely post on dreams. Your honesty helps so many others that are struggling with the same thing. So many people try to hide the things they are struggling with and we can all be encouraging each other instead. Isn't is really perspective??? I have everything I have always wanted (just like you said too) we just need to be reminded of that sometimes.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Such fab finds, Amy. as for the amazing "A" bottle, how about a little French table wine...

Just be happy! said...

fresh cut flowers, for sure!
I love the smell of them and if you get different ones every time you go buy them, you will have a different look in your house.

by the way, you are such a good shopper, you find the cutest things!!!

on this end everything is alright, just entered my 34th week of pregnancy yesterday, so I'm a little more anxious... oh well... but other than that everything is good.

have a good one!

LuLu said...

Your tin is darling, i like all the sides. Especially the wedding one, i'm such a sucker for wedding. oh your vase is cute. flowers, buttons, marbles, shells, or nothing at all it's cute.

Sheila R said...

Love your jar with the "A". I have a milk jar filled with popcorn wrapped with ribbon on the top and artificial berry pick coming out the top.

Forever Vintage said...

I had a similar one and I used it for flowers as well. I like using different items instead of a traditional vase all of the time. The can is sweet, I had a hard time picking my favorite! I have enjoyed all of those stages in my life!