Friday, February 13, 2009

~My Sleep Room~

We moved into this house almost two years ago.
I'm not very good at this thing called putting a house together. It took me 8 1/2 yrs to get the old house where I wanted it. When it was finally done I LOVED IT. For my own personal reasons I moved. I sure do miss that old place.

As you can see....I need window treatments, thing hung on the walls, the mirror above the bed needs to be moved....etc.

This is the entrance to my bedroom.

This is the bed. I just love it. The color scheme is green and yellow. So bright and cheerful. Just the way I like it~
This is the sitting room. All the way in the back is my new desk!

This is a chair I picked up off of Craigslist. I think it is my most favorite piece of furniture I have......maybe even owned...EVER!!! It has an ottoman that goes with it. This is where I spend my time with God. When I find time to do that. OK...ok...I'm working on it. If I would stop this whole blog thing it just may work. Well we all know, that's not going to happen.

So, now you know what I will be doing the next few weekends.
Finding things for the room that I spend 1/3 of my life it.
Really, I think I am just going to start off with window treatment.
I already know what I want.
I just have to find it.
Thank goodness for the Internet!

Sweet dreams to all~

P.S. I would love to see into your bedrooms.
Feel free to e-mail me pictures.
This is going to be so fun~


the wild raspberry said...

your bed and chair are very pretty.
wowsa, i thought my 2 years of begging and pleading for my old house was a long time! you have me beat. *patience is a virtue* :)

* I wish we were neighbors too. wouldn't that be fun. i'd definitely share some cake!

Just be happy! said...

Amy, first I need to thank you for your encouragement, kind words and concern. I really appreciate all your efforts.
I'm glad today is a new day and like you said, that I was able to get through yesterday.

Now, talking about bedrooms.
Your bedroom is beautiful! Mine is so tiny that you can see the whole thing in one shot... hehehe.
Well, in fact, my whole house is tiny, but it's full of love and I love it.
I'll see if I can take a good picture and e-mail it to you.

Katie said...

Your pink chair is fabulous! What a great bedroom you have. I haven't bought anything on craigslist, but I just might have to venture over there.

Thanks for sharing your bedroom with us, and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Don't you just love that bed - we have the same one in our bedroom! (but don't worry, we have a different colour scheme, creamy white with just a hint of turquoise and pink.) By the way, I absolutely adore that pink chair - just a fabulous chair! And of course you new desk from Lola B!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I love that chair! Im so jealous! Looks like you have a beautiful home!

Rachel said...

I wish you'd come and give my house a makeover. I've been here almost 3 years. There are still boxes in the garage that I haven't unpacked.
I'm just not a decorator. I'd love to be, but I'm just so inept. It's the total opposite of my office, which I really try to keep up. My bedroom furniture is beautiful, but the room is a disaster. Orange shag carpet, and there's still an old box spring against the wall, because it has to be sawed in half to get downstairs...we had to take apart the wall/ceiling to get it up there.
And Farty is still sharing the space, so there's a crib in one corner too.
Gee, what a den of romance, right? Good thing I'm not anticipating any.

Kasey said...

I do love that chair! Your room is just lovely!!

Bill Deitch said...

You have to be careful saying you want to look into other peoples's bedrooms. You never know what they will post! On the other hand, it certainly could increase the number of followers you have.

Lorie said...

Thanks for sharing your room! My bedroom is my current project so I love getting inspiration from other rooms!

Jeanneoli said...

We are still working on our bedroom...always the last room...right? Love the chair and I think you already know my take on furniture...the more the merrier.

Tara said...

I love the bed...and the color scheme you chose..and the chair is amazing, I do love Craig's List! :) Can't wait to see what you chose for your window treatments~please share when you are done~

LovingPrettyThings said...

I appreciate your support for my Blog (i'm SO new!) - and am reading yours - what an inspiration you are! I simply adore your pink chair, especially as you call it your 'time with God' chair. What an amazing reminder to me, who needs to 'set up room' in my home for Him! I can't wait to read through your Blog - and keep updated with you. You have a new follower!

~Tracy @ said...

I'm lovin that chair!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the chair! Isn't craigslist the best?!