Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~Crisp, Clean & Refreshing~

On Sunday we had Bill's brother and two sisters over for a really simple brunch. The one thing that really stood out to me was a pitcher of water. Sooo simple. Just a plain clear pitcher, lots of ice, and a sliced lemon~

It was so simple that I have vowed to do this everyday. Not only is it really pretty, it also reminds me to replace some of the coffee I drink with a really refreshing glass of water. Maybe I should also replace some of the cookies I eat with an apple.....huh...just a thought! Thought gone..back to water :) It really is soooo very yummy. Nothing like pretty and yummy.
That reminds me....better go get myself a fresh glass of lemon water....maybe I will have a Girlscout cookie with it~

Feel free to drop in for a crisp, cool, yummy glass of water.
I will even throw in a box of Girlscout cookies :)
Would love to catch up and chat~

**I will be doing a giveaway on Friday....it's going to be good, be sure to check back**


Bill Deitch said...

Please don't give away my golf clubs on Friday.

the wild raspberry said...

if they are thin mints then it would be so worth the trip!
star fruits are also very pretty in water.
looking forward to your giveaway...maybe i'll be on a winning streak!!!!

your hubbie should have a blog too...he is a hoot!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I will be right over!

paige said...

i need to do this too!
i scored a fab glass pitcher on sale at anthro that is just sitting in the cabinet...maybe i'll slice some lemons tomorrow. thanks for the idea!

LovingPrettyThings said...

yes please! ;) And not just because you have girl scout cookies!

Just be happy! said...

I like the idea of the pitcher of water with ice cubes and lemon, I think I'll copy your idea and do it in my house too.

PS: I haven't forgotten about sending the bedroom picture, just haven't taken one yet.

Forever Vintage said...

Hi Amy..the pitcher of water looks so refreshing! I love lemon in my water. I find a drink more water if I add lemon to it.

LuLu said...

First of all do I spy an Anthropologie dish towel? too cute and lemons in water is the best!Thanks for the reminder that I need to drink more water! with lemon!!!

Rebekah said...

Oh, that looks delicious...and so pretty!

Angie said...

I sometimes put a glass pitcher of water on the dinner table. It makes the dinner nicer... even if we're having casserole :)

Honey Bend Vintage said...

How refreshing is that pitcher of water, I love the picture. Enjoyed viting your blog.

Christine said...

Not only is lemon pretty in the water it is so good for you too! I put lemon in my cup of plain hot water as well on cold winter days.