Friday, February 13, 2009

~Happy Heart Day~

I don't have many things that are Hearty or Lovey in my home but I thought I would show the few that I have.
This is a rack of heart plates I have in my kitchen above my pantry door.
My hubby got them for me.
He ordered them about 6 years ago from the Sundance Catalog~

This is is just a "LOVE" sign I pick up from Hobby Lobby.
It sits on top of the book cases in my family room.
I also have a black version of it that says "FAMILY"

Bill and I (more me than hubby) really love Jamaica.
As a matter of fact we were there last year on Valentine's Day.
I bought this from a vendor on the beach.
I wasn't sure why I bought it.
Now I I could put a picture of it here :)

I showed this picsture before.
This is such a great pillow.
All the red on a linen pillow.

So there you have it.....all my things I have that represent Valentine's Day.
Although, they weren't purchased for that intention.

I do have to say...I love the color red.
I don't know why. I guess that is why I have a red sectional in my family room.
Now that i'm thinking about it, my 5 yr old wears an awful lot of red.
I sure hope it's his favorite color~

Hope you all have a very sweet HEART day.


the wild raspberry said...

happy valentine's day to you too!
{love your 'love' sign}

Katie said...

oooh, I really love everything! Even though you weren't trying to take a picture of it, I really LOVE your fleur-de-lis' behind the LOVE.

The Fleur-de-Lis is my sorority's flower, so I collect them.

I hope you and Bill have a great Valentine's Day!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love what you've shown here for Valentine's Day. I love the Sundance catalog (and I won't even mention Robert Redford... well, hardly ;)

Have a nice St. Valentine's Day.

Lora said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today! I hope you'll come back. I've enjoyed my visit here~your blog is lovely!

That Jamaican wooden heart is so cool! Jamaica is dear to my heart. I celebrated my first b-day there and have been back several times to visit some very close friends.

Tara said...

"Love" all of it! and that heart is very sweet. A great find with memories included.

Happy V day to you~

Connie said...

Amyyyyyyyy, thanks so much for popping in to visit, chickee!! I love meeting new people. I also love people who giggle, chuckle, laugh and CRY once in a while. We all need it, honey.

LuLu & Co. said...

I am such a fan of splashes of red in my home as well!!! Wishing you a sweet Valentine's day,

Forever Vintage said...

Hi Amy, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. We are all so lucky for the wonderful hubby's we have. I love your pics..especially that pillow is so sweet!

Bill Deitch said...

Hey Honey.

Thank you for filling our house with serendipity. Happy Valentines Day!!!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Happy Valentines Day Amy!

JudyBug said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Love all your pics but especially the heart shaped plates.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Maisy! My first time to your blog, and I just wanted to say that I hope you have had a wonderful Valentine's weekend! Wishing you much love and a heart full of happiness!


Sheila :-)