Thursday, October 22, 2009

*Just Another Quirk*

Just another thing you are about to learn about our Maisy.

She loves to buy things that she thinks are really neat.

Sometimes before she even knows what the heck she is going to do with them.

When she was in New York in the spring she went to the Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic store.

She fell in LOOOOOVE with these baskets.

She proceeded to buy three of them.
(hey, she told me they were half off)

Now she has them and doesn't know what to do with them.

Do you think you could help her out and give her some suggestions?

Thanks for helping out our dear 'ol Maisy.

(I have no idea why I did this ENTIRE post in 3rd person. Just another quirk.)


Rue said...

I think you should give them to rue ;)

No? Okay, okay... how about filling them with pumpkins for Fall and maybe towels in the kitchen and bathroom??

Oh and I have that exact same seltzer bottle in your last post!!


Anne Marie said...

I use old locker baskets like that for so much - do you need something else to hold/store white plates? like your everyday? -
stacked in there would be cute - on your counter or island or something -
or like Rue said: in your bathroom with towels? soaps?

have fun!
(we love your quirks)

tara said...

then I can show you what to do with them! me some wire baskets! :)

Christina said...

They are beautiful. You are not the only one who buys great things without knowing what you are going to do with them.

I would add some crisp white towels in a bathroom, use them in a linen closet with linens/towels/etc. in them. Or on a shelf to organize whatever maybe in a laundry room or something.

Lissa said...

Those baskets are entirely awesome! Use them in your entry~ with cute hats, scarves, gloves... what do you think?

Tracey said...

I have a similar basket in my "office" that hold some of my supplies...use them to store your craft stuff or anything office related. Sorry, that's about as creative as the ideas get today :)

:) T

Sandi said...

Well I agree with several other people Amy!! Send them to me!! hee hee {jk}
You could store linens, towels,junk,basically anything your heart desires in them. :)

Nicoleigh said...

I do believe that you should give them to me (or put them in your store reserved for me), and I can utilize them for all of my crafting stuff. My room needs help, and these would be a very fun addition. :)

Lisa said...

On your kitchen counter with cookbooks. In our cabinets for "drawers" on the shelves. Oh I think they will really go anywhere! Have fun!
Hugs, Lisa

Farmgirl Paints said...

You could fill them with magazines, or towels or craft supplies, or shoes etc... The possibilities are endless. Love them:)

Jen R. said...

Girl, I am coming over to help you find a place for them....

LuLu said...

You are too cute! laundry supplies, wash clothes, gloves, scarfs, snacks in the pantry, apples, ribbon, stationary, books, socks, cleaning supplies, can you put liners in them so things wont fall out? then i can come up with a whole other list!!!

T said...

I know, I know, send them to ME! Hang them on the wall and use them as shelves. That would be cool!

A Touch of Country said...

I lined them with burlap bags and used them on shelves in my entryway. check out my blog for the post.

I used 6 of them.

Fall blessings,


Jeanneoli said...

First of all they would look really great in Jeanne's studio space...really!!! OK..if that is not going to happen...I would put fruit in one in the kitchen or use all of them in the pantry. I would use them in the hall closet for hats, gloves etc. I would use them by the tub for bubble bath, salts, washcloths........