Friday, October 23, 2009

From the Dusty Corners

I thought I would just show you some of the "little" things in my house.

It's these little things that make me feel warm.

It never seems to be big things that get me going.

This is a jar full of goodies from my sweet friend, Jen.
She gave this to me when her and her hubby came for dinner one night.
I really need to invite them over more often.
Now, when they invite us over how in the world am I even going to give them something comparable.
This is just soooooo cute.
( I didn't even show the darling pillow she also gave me. Sheesh....she's good)
Let's also not forget that she was just published in Country Living Magazine.
I told you she was good!

Just a shelf with a little corner of cute.

I just adore this little jar filled with vintage shredded paper.
It was suppose to go in my shop.
I just couldn't part with it.

Has anyone else noticed how cute the match boxed are these days.
I seem to pick them up everywhere.
I feel a new collection coming on.
How cute would they all be thrown into a BIG apothecary jar?

Well, there ya have it.

Happy Weekend!!!


Jackie said...

Such sweet things! I love the little things too. Lucky you and Jen getting to have each other over for dinner!! I LOVE pretty matchboxes - I have quite a few!! Have a great weekend!

tara said...

Girl, I love all of these things...the shreded paper, the flower frog and bingo cards, the seam binding, and are you kidding me, Jen is amazing and brilliantly talented...hope you have a great great weekend! chat soon! xxoxoxo

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I know first hand how darling your little corners are! I Love the idea of the matches in the jar. I sell them at the store, so I can bring some home and do that! Thanks Amy, I'm gonna copy you!

Jen R. said...

Everything looks great Amy! Thanks for the shout out!

Sandi said...

Love all your "little" goodies in your little corners Amy! I need to steal some of those ideas for my house. Love the shredded paper in the jar!!

the wild raspberry said...

what cute little your jar of goodies!

Lissa said...

That jar that Jen gave you is so awesome!! What a great housewarming gift! I love your style! Lovely!! said...

Jen's jar is awesome!! You have so many amazing details in your home. Can I come over, steal all of your ideas...wait,nevermind...can I just move in!? :)

Lisa said...

I just love your little stuff! It is very nice!
Hugs, Lisa

LuLu said...

You have the cutest treasures around your home, i love the shredded paper in the jar, you are so right it's the little things that make our heart warm,
happy weekend,

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love those wonderful vignettes in your house Maisy :)

Jeanneoli said...

Jen, Would you like to come to dinner at my house and bringing me cute gifts? It is just Colorado....not that big of a deal!!! Thanks Amy for showing us some of your pretty things.

A Touch of Country said...

seeing these watches reminds me of the old pocketwatch my grandma gave me. It was my grandpa's and I treasure it very much. I love the fact that he used to keep it close to his side and it makes me feel closer to him and miss him. Perhaps I'll get it out now and display it under a cloche like you did.

Thanks for a great remembrance for me.

Lori said...

Loving your corner of cute!

stacy di said...

love the little jar full of goodies...what a fun little gift!

I have a little thing for matchboxes too...

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I love all manner of "corners of cute." And yes, those corners make me happiest of all! Dusty or not.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

My kind of "treats" - no calories, beautiful, lasting!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

You have to do that with the match boxes, that would be so cute!
Love all your little things!

Anne Marie said...

great little displays Amy~

hope you are doing well....


Dogwood said...

Oh, wow...I love seeing the little items in the dusty corners of your rooms. Wonderful and fun little collections of sweet things.