Monday, July 20, 2009


I have these random things in my yard.
And just one of them.

One daisy. How does that happen?
It was a pleasant surprise when I realized what it was.
My Mom's favorite flowers were daises.
She said the were cheerful, inexpensive and they last a long time.
I think she was right.
SOOOOOO.......just a few days after she passed away I went straight to the tattoo parlor and got a daisy tattoo.
No, I won't show it to's in a private place.
Sheesh.....don't I get any privacy around here??

Bradley begged and pleaded for this darn $2.59 ball at Target.
I was saying that he will play with it for 5 minutes and then never look at it again.
Well....guess what.....Bradley played with it for 5 minutes and never looked at it again.
It has been in the same spot for about a week now.
I want my $2.59 back!

One lonely sock. It seems to be just waiting and waiting for it's partner.

These are the kind of things that drive Maisy CRAZY.
I can't find the other sock.
Of course Bradley has no idea where it it.
He actually goes so far as saying that he didn't take his socks off outside.
OMG....what does he think?? It was the tooth fairy hanging out waiting for him to lose a tooth.
Oh no, that's right it was Santa Clause. Dropped a sock right out of the sky.
Better yet, he can blame Asher.....NO HE CAN'T...Asher is out of the country.

All these poor lonely ones.

I better go try to find that sock again...
Happy Monday!!!


Jackie said...

The Maisy Daisy...

We always have weird sock situations too - why are there socks outside anyway? Take them off in the house and go out barefoot, but my kids do the same thing.

Just be happy! said...


you're so funny Amy!!!!
what a great post.

Happy Monday!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

You could start looking for the other sock in your sock basket! lol!! Your backyard is just gorgeous! I am gonna come back and sit out there listening to the water and drinking mojitos.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, if anyone ever figures out where all the socks go, could you please let me know?? I now have a collection of socks in the cabinet above the washing machine and actually do use them. When one sock gets too many holes in it, I just throw one out and go to my collection. And I really don't care if they don't match. Love daises also. They are probably my favorite!

Tracey said...

Happy Monday Amy! Love the daisy - your mom had a great favorite flower:)


Tara said...

I hate when I have just one sock, It bugs the crap out of me, i have to find its mate...and if I don't I throw it away! Happy Monday...I am still jealous that you had mijitos with Tricia....whatever! XOXOXOXO

LillySue said...

Heehe~ Jesse gave me a single daisy just like that one, which he had found growing out by the road. I also picked up his socks left outside on the porch which were in a wad and soaking wet from the sprinklers....but there were 2!
I can tell him to go pick up his socks and he can be 3 feet away from them and still insist, "What socks..I don't see no socks"....SHEESH!!

Blasé said...

Oh that's just GREAT!...

If you're not teasing me with food, you're teasing me with secret/hidden tattoos. You're killing me.

LuLu said...

hope you found your lost onsies.
happy day to you too,

Lori said...

You make me laugh out loud after a long day ~ Thank you for that! I love the single daisy ~ maybe it's just your Mom saying "Hi"..

Maisy Monkey said...

Was it a Maisy Monkey sock?

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Cracking up at the sock! Those darn socks always run away!
My nickname in high school was Daisy because they were my favorite flower. I have a tattoo too, a purple heart with white daisies inside it. My mom actually designed it for me. She was not happy that I was getting it but figured I would do it anyway so she may as well have a part in it. I was 19, feels like a lifetime ago...

Merry said...

That daisy is your mom saying hello! She wanted to stand out and make sure you knew she was around. I love daisies too and have a tattoo of daisy on my toe. We have a ton of those stinkin balls around our house too. We just moved and none of them came with us :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

That is a nice ball, Amy. BTW, I saw you on Kasey's post - you've got such amazing hair, girl!

Sarah said...

LOL! The daisy is awesome! How neat to have a meaningful tattoo, I guess I haven't mentioned mine yet, I will get around to it on my blog someday!

The sock and ball scenario are hilarious! I so know those situations! I always pick up wet socks around our house! It helps to remember they take them off so they don't get holes in them, but they do happen to lose the matching mate! LOL Can someone tell Kaiden that I know what I am talking about and socks with crocs are a big no-no! ;)

littlebyrd said...

Yes! lol too!
Oliver totally does that 5 minute thing with his new toys too and it drives me bananas.

Lisa said...

I just love your onsies!! What a fun post!
Have a great day!
Hugs, Lisa

Christina said...

Missing socks---welcome to my world too. There is always, always a sock (or socks) missing a mate around here. And we have found socks outside too.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

best part about this blog world? YOU are not a onesie. You're connected to MANY MANY others who simply adore you!

Myself included.

XOXOXO from Pasadena!