Friday, July 17, 2009

I Just Lurve These

Good Morning Ladies and the occasional Gent~

Does any one else just love Apothecary Jars?
Well I do.
You already know how I feel about cloches.

Well, I've been busy at the Market...
You know, Maisy's Market.

Check out some of the new things I have at the Market.

Can we all just take a moment and *sigh*
This is so neat.
Actually, I think they are PERFECT.
Lettered ceramic balls in an apothecary jar...seriously, Friends, I think I could be speechless.
HAHAHAHAHAHA, speechless, that was HILARIOUS!!!
That will NEVER happen~

These are vintage printing press stamps.
They are from my local newspaper.
Can I get another *Sigh*
I put them in a cloche and added the most darling plate.
So....what do ya think?
Yep, I'm still not speechless :)

Vintage buttons in an Apothecary Jar.
These buttons are from the garment district.
The building was being torn down.
When some people went in ahead of time they found HUGE drums of buttons.
When I found this my brain said "YAHTZEE"
Woo-Hoo, YIPPEE, YAY....

Yep, still speaking away!

I always joke that if anyone put kitty little in an apothecary jar it would FABULOUS.

Pop over if you want...would love to have you drop in at the Market.

Sheesh...I never thought it would get here. It's been quite the week.
Asher leaves for his big trip and now I must get the rest of the family ready for our beach vacation.
Again, HAPPY WEEKEND. See ya on Monday :)


~ Donna ~ said...

I love these jars too, so pretty!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

love love love it all! I have your cell programed in my phone, I will be calling you. We are gonna be at Kaseys at around 6p.m. Will you be there????????

Tara said...

Have a wonderful weekend Amy and give Tricia a hug for me if you see jealous! Oh and enjoy your beach vacation...dig your toes in the sand for me! XOXO

LillySue said...

LOVE the one full of buttons! I have a serious jar addiction....canisters too! How is Bill's leg doing?? Those kind of injuries take FOREVER to heal!!

Katie said...

I would buy everything in your Market if I could! I love all of it... sigh

Nicoleigh said...

I like the vintage buttons best. But it looks like someone beat me to them. :(

Devri said...

crackin' up over the occasional gent.. lol

love them!

LuLu said...

have a great time... as lurve them all too!
smiles and with all the injuries lately keep safe!

Jen R. said...

Love it Amy! you have such great style! I hope things are going better at your home! J

Lisa said...

I love the one with the buttons!!
Hugs, Lisa

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Ohhh dreamy!! How do you find this stuff? Love all of it!

Aimee said...

YES, I lOVE Apothecary Jars too and Cloches. They are both an obsession of mine...

Love your pictures!

Emily said...

I especially love them with the buttons- so many options though! -e

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Your blog is fabulous. There is an award for you on my blog.

Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle

Alicia said...

Oh the old printing blocks!! I have a smattering in a bowl & people think its so strange. I actually choose ones that relate to my life, in odd ways, but thank you!! You're the first girl I ever encountered. Usually its allegedly a guy thing. When the dealer told me that I was a bit crest fallen... to hell with him!!!

littlebyrd said...

I hope you had a great weekend! I sold all but one of my apothocary jars at the flea market this weekend - I love them too and now I miss them ;)