Saturday, February 27, 2010


Maisy love her some Daisy's

I really am a pretty simple girl.

I don't need much.

I know lots of girls love roses.

I am not a rose girl.
(don't tell my hubby...he just came home with a dozen for me the other night. i don't have the heart to tell him i'm not a big fan of roses.
hey, it's the thought that counts.....right??)

It was my mom that brought daisy's to my attention.
She always said that they last long...
They never look bad.
And they are just simple and pretty.
Have I mentioned lately how smart my mom was??

So, about 2 weeks after she died my sister and I went off to the tattoo parlor.

Yep, that's right....
(actually i have 2....thinking about another one)
I have a daisy tattoo.
(the 2nd one i have is a celtic shamrock...i'm an irish girl)

I have never had a regret since I got it 13 years ago.
It makes me feel so good knowing that I permanently have a piece of what my mom loved with me...well on all times.

Do you have a tattoo?
If so I would love to hear what it is.

I think I know what my 3rd one will be.

Well...happy rest of the weekend.

PS... I got the second one in Mexico over spring break 3 years ago with all my children watching.
I know....I know....I never said I was mother of the year.


Lisa said...

Oh as long as you don't go into a rage when they get them I think it is just fine! How cool to have a Daisy!! I love daisies too. As I am currently on a HUGE You've Got Mail obsession, I have been thinking more and more about daisies. I keep meaning to go by Trader Joe's and see if they have a sweet little bouquet. I really want more flowers!! I cannot wait to hear what your next one will be. And no I don't have one. Never could come up something I wanted to have that long. I am sure I will someday!
Hugs, Lisa

Laura said...

"daisies are the friendliest flower" I too love You've Got Mail and Meg's statement above made me look at daisies in a whole new way!

I have one tattoo, a dragonfly. I want at least two more, maybe three, i just can't ever seem to have enough money to "waste" on a tattoo. I know... crazy right?

Katie said...

I want one, but have never had it done. I think I'm going to have spencer write out I Love You (When she can write) and then get that. Pics of your tattoos please!

Kristen said...

It will seem ironic after you said you don't liked roses but I would like a tattoo that says "So I said to the ..." with a picture of a rose. It's from a poem my husband used to quote to me when we were dating.

I love daisies too. I love the Dear Daisy blog and she has given me an appreciation for them.

T said...

I don't have any. WAY to scared it will hurt!!!! said...

I often think about getting them but I've never had something I felt solid enough to put on my skin for life. I ended up going the nose/belly/ear piercing route. Needless to say, when none of those ended up sticking, I was glad I didn't tat myself.
My alter ego wants a sleeve though!! :)

Lori said...

I do not have one personally but a friend of mine and her 2 sisters each got one of a forget me not after their mother passed away from Alzheimers. Daisies are beautiful and what a perfect way to honor your Mom!

Jenny Fowler said...

You are cute. I wish my tattoo was only a daisy. :)~ I love your blog banner. It is perfect!

Jeanneoli said...

I love them too...they are my mom's favorite. I love that you have the tattoo!

tara said...

Nope no tattoos here, my brother covered that one for me, with his 40!!lol! I love that you have a little daisy, sweet and simple! happy monday sweet girl!

Sarah said...

How sweet to have a daisy for your mom! I love fresh flowers in general, I am with Lisa, Trader Joe's flowers are fabulous!!

I have a tattoo, I got it after my ex-h had basically broken my heart and mashed it. I felt the need to be more independent and driven by what mattered to me. I looked up the Celtic symbol for motherhood and (at least the website that I looked at, at the time) said it was a crescent moon, with three stars, it does have a small smile on it I think and then I looked up the meanings of colors and chose colors that stood for fertility, royalty and something the time it really mattered to me. They are blue, pink and purple.
Now I can't wait to hear what your next tattoo will be! :)

traci said...

daisy's are beautiful. i have 2 tattoos. one is a flower on my toe. i hate the feeling of toe rings so that is my toe jewelry. and the second is a set of 4 flowers on my foot - 4 of us girlfriends got them last year. we have be friends since middle school. i think i am done though.

Lou Cinda said...

I WANT a tattoo! I want a pair of angel wings on my shoulder to symbolize my parents who are no longer with me. Everytime I mention it my 20 year old almost has a heart attack!!

I am going to do it though! After all, I AM the mom!! Right??

Lou Cinda :)

Greenmare said...

I got my tattoo with my (then) 13 yr old watching. I was the coolest mom in the universe for about 3 months. Yeah, it lasted that long becuase it also involved bragging to all her friends about it. Mine is a vine around my right ankle. no flowers on it, just a vine, and yes I'm thinking about a second one.........