Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have this new little freaky obsession.

Hubby thinks I'm a bit cooky.

He just doesn't get it.

While I was on my "computer break" I discovered some new TV shows.

I call them my "Ghost Shows."

I like that these 2 guys and their team are out to give a logical explanation for what people are experiencing. They are not there to prove that there are ghosts. They are out to prove that what people are experiencing are NOT ghosts.

The reason why I love this show is that it allows me to see some really old castles.
I am an anthropologist at heart.
I love to see how people used to live.

I just like this show.

Hubby really does think I'm crazy. My kids think I'm funny.....I'm not sure in a good way though :)

Hubby gave me a gift certificate for a Chicago Ghost Tour.
He even told me he would go with me.
Can you believe it? Sheesh, he's a good guy~
Now....that is love.....true love!!!
He would ONLY do that for me.

That means I'm gonna have to do something for him now.
Huh....what should I do?
That is NOT a rhetorical question. Really....what should I do??

I want him to know how much it means to me that he would actually go on a ghost tour with me. I know in my heart it's the last thing he would want to do.

Do you have any interests that other people don't "get?"
I want to know I'm not alone in this.
Come on me out here.


Lou Cinda said...

I watch Paranomal State too! My husband thinks its dumb but I LOVE it!! lol

If he is a sports fan, you could go to an event with him!

Lou Cinda

Anne Marie said...

having 5 kids seems to freak people out already.....but I would have to say, when I tell people that I can shoot, that throws them off....and a lot of girls just don't get that.......

don't EVER expect me to come with you on one of those okay? i'm serious.....

tara said...

I say you should go to a politcial debate with him on ly because I know you would love it too!


pat said...

Hi Amy,
I am laughing out loud because I thoight I was the only person that loves those shows. My husband thinks I am nuts. Have you seen the one with the Chicago Paranormal Cops on A&E. It's great! I would love to go on that Ghost Tour but I would probably have to go by myself, husband is a total non beleiver.
We all know what our husbands "really" like, and no wasn't thinking a home cooked meal. Why not plan a special evening just you and that great guy of yours and lavish ALL of your attention on him and only him! Not that we don't do that every day, but you know what I mean.....Have a good day.
Take care.

Lisa said...

Oh that is amazing!! I would love that trip! I too am a Ghost Hunters fan! I watch all night on Wed. even the reruns! I did fall asleep last night and missed the middle of the new one. It looked great. I am glad they will show it again! Enjoy your tour. And you will find something wonderful for your hubby. Something that will make him as happy as this is you.
Hugs, Lisa

Jen said...

My boyfriend loves ghost shows! And I love chandeliers with a passion. People think I'm nuts! We all have our quirks ;)

Destiny said... are my twin..LOL My husband and I watch tons of these paranormal shows....we watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, Psychic Kids, A Haunting, Ghost Lab, and a couple you are NOT alone...I'm a freak I guess too...haha!

traci said...

i have never seen those shows. my daughter and i went on a ghost tour in boston once. it was so fun.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

My husband is addicted to these shows too. He actually talks about doing a version of Ghost hunters...yeah right!