Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh......The Number Game

Do any of you ever think about this??

I feel like everything in this blog world is about numbers.

How many followers you have?

How many comments you get for each post?

How many hits your blog gets a day?

I was going to do a post the other day about the fact that my school district was not going to allow Obama's speech to be played in the classrooms.

I had a whole post about it. I read it to my husband and he, you are going to lose followers for that post!

That got me thinking.....who am I writing for?
Is it to make my readers happy?
Is it for me to express myself?

Does the number of followers really matter?

Does the number of comments really matter?

Does it matter that the reason I don't post as much as I used to is because I have a hard time coming up with cute and fluffy stuff?
( ya know...the light and airy stuff....the stuff I don't know how to embrace in my life)

Does it matter that I am really not a good small talk person?

Does it matter that I am a person who lives my life emotionally?
(I just don't know how to live it any other way...I am open to suggestions)

I just need to find my balance. I want to be able to do the "fun" posts but I also want to do posts about things that are really important to me.
I also want to do that without worrying about the numbers.

Do any of you worry about this?


Sarah @ Different Dog said...

I have thought about this a lot. And I decided that I don't care about numbers, although I enjoy having lots of followers etc. Blogging is either for you or for them. You decide.
Your blog is looking really super cute btw.
Another option is to have a separate blog where you write whatever you want and make it anonymous. I did that too. Hee hee.

Thena said...

I look at the numbers, but I think it's more of an ego thing. lol I blog what I feel, or what pops in my head. I blog for me because it's fun, not to mention getting things off my chest at times. Have never really worried about how others will take it. But then again I have less than 30 followers if I had hundreds or thousands I might think differently. LOL

Della said...

I say, post what you want to post about! After all, it is your blog. I don't mind. I'm staying as a follower.

Besides, I love hearing what people have to say about current events, or their lives.

Lou Cinda said...

LORD YES!! I do!! Buy, you know what? We shouldn't!! Life is not always a funny story, or a fluffy day! I have days that just SUCK! But I don't usually post about them, but I think I'm gonna start! Because it is REAL! It is what life is!! Ups, downs, fluffy, and the oh not so fluffy!

I would follow your blog no matter what!

Have a great week!

Lou Cinda

PS I don't know how to find out how many hits I get...I think I am better off not knowing!! LOL

A.Love said...

Did you just crawl inside my head? Because lady, I'm about as fun/funny as the flu right now and I keep writing and then deleting afraid that someone's going to call the suicide hotline on me. But it IS for us!! It isn't about the readers or the followers--but I sure can't get them out of my head lately. :( Write on Obama, lady! Whatever you want, I'm here to read and listen. I too live emotionally. It's exhausting :)

LillySue said...

OOOOOooo~ That's a tough one! I have learned in life, your friends will dump you if you are a downer for too long. I always thought it was what friends pick you up when you are down. I guess the friends that matter do that...right?? I had a long period of depression over you know what and my two best girlies dropped me like a hot potato. When you are not the fun happy gal, you find out who your TRUE friends are. I would much rather have fewer but truer peeps. Blog for yourself!!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

Amy...when I first started, I was all about who, what, etc. It was when talking about my personal soul was really impressed upon my heart to write about. I still got nervous, but then I had to shake my self and say WHO is this blog for? Are you writing for PEOPLE, or are you writing for YOU? It is when I don't cater to the masses that I get my best work done.

If you're political - write about it! (I'm a HUGE political junkie - and am a poly-sci major - L.O.V.E. talking about it - BUT I talk about it to anyone/everyone around me, my blog won't have much politics as I want my blog to be a place of pretty thing - and we all know politics can get ugly. That's when I love it the most!)

Write YOU. Write Amy. Write Maisy. I guarantee that you won't lose me as a follwer no matter WHAT you say! how boring would life be if we all were the same? I say publish the piece about the school district. Disable the comment feature if you don't want to start a discussion, and just want to get 'you' out there!

BIIIIIIG HUGS - I'd really like to actually HUG you and not just talk about it!


Anne Marie said...

I have friends who are "surface" friends, and I have friends who believe in the same faith as I, and some in between......
looking upon your neighbor with love and respect, to make your soul is a true friend!!
these online journals are exactly that - journals -
if you are concerned about something you might write, then don't write aren't confident enough on that matter yourself then - and certainly try not to let your emotions get the best of you!~
however, if you write it, to 'vent' or to 'get feedback' then by all means - write it!
" you are what your blog is "

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

What's a "follower" anyway? :) Amy, you just have to decide if your blog is for you, or for your followers, when it comes down the bottom line. My blog is for me, and that's why I keep it light and positive, to counterbalance my "big girl" job in the hospital which is anything but light and fun and pleasant. That's my form of therapy, if you will. I guess another way of looking at it for yourself is to think about what makes you happier: "keeping it real" on your blog, or happier knowing you have the most followers you can possibly have? I really don't think there's a wrong answer, because really everyone is kind of different - which is why I like your blog, girl!

tara said...

I say, say what you want. If people don't want to read then they don't have to. This blog is for you, right? Then let your personality shine through....not that you don't already but talking about what YOU want is important. I am WAY open on my blog (about me only) and I think it has been a healing tool...people I am sure don't read because it is too much, but it is me...plain and simple!

I say go for it...I will be here to read and it looks like there are quite a few others who will too! xo

Victoria said...

YES! I think we all do. I say be true to yourself and forget the followers. :)

By the way, I loved your husband's post. Sounds like a great guy and that you two know how to make your marriage work!

Sarah said...

Totally get your post! I am always wondering why I can't get many people to read my blog, am I boring? Not advertising myself enough? But how much of it is for other people and how much is for myself?

But I love meeting/greeting and discovering who you are and I continue to check your blog and read it. I enjoy knowing who you are instead of who you want to look like...

Just be happy! said...

do whatever comes to your mind, people have to accept you for who you are.
I love you and your blog, so you won't lose me!

Blasé said...

Does losing Followers bother ME?

HAAA! What do YOU think Baby-Doll?

Andrea Villarreal said...

I started mine as a journal for myself. For my friends to read that I don't get to see very often. Sometimes I do get a little to personl but I figure if something were to happen to me at least my friends and loved ones could read and know who I was. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always hopeful and always looking for something cute to put in my kitchen:)
Write what you want. I would have been interested in your school thoughts. But if you do care about the "NUMBERS" then don't. I have no idea what a follower is and if I have any. I didn't figure out how to see my stats till a few weeks ago and I have had this blog almost a year! And even though I don't have a lot of comments my friends always mention it when we see, talk or email each other.
Life isn't always pretty so I guess you have decide if you want your readers to think you always live in lala land. Those are the ones I tend to get rid of in my favorites list. No one's kids are that clean and perfect. Or houses for that matter. Or marriages or life in general. That would be awfully boring don't you think?

Jackie said...

Post from your heart, Miss Amy!

Lisa said...

No I don't worry about it. I thought blogging was silly. Who would want to read someone talking about their life? Then I was asked if I had one and visited a friend's and found a few more and started one and joined Pink Saturday and it exploded. I write about everything. Boring, fun, stupid, sad, frivolous, my faith noone I know of has stopped following me. Everyone has an opinion and if you cannot respect others opinions unless they are like yours you really need to think about your own life. I don't see you loosing a follower for commenting on a Nationwide subject. Write what you want it's what you do.
Hugs, Lisa

LuLu said...

When i first started blogging i looked at numbers because I was shocked that i even had numbers... and then one day i realized i hadn't even looked at page impressions etc.. and was blogging for myself. I love to read I love to gain insight into different peoples lives whether I agree or disagree. Thats what makes life so wonderful we all have different thoughts and bring them to the table so to speak. my 2 cents is write for yourself... I'm reading and love what you have to say.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

The only one I worry about reading my blog and making comments is my mother. I felt I had more freedom when she didn't own a computer, but now that she does, she reads my blog all the time and I hear about certain things. I've found myself pulling in and not sharing truly from my heart as I use to. Sad, isn't it? And please don't comment back on my blog about this. She'll read it and get mad. HA!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Oh you bet I have thought about it. I think more about my family reading it tho. There's lots I would like to say about my relationship with my mom, but I can't cause she reads it.
I do however feel kind of bad when I see how many comments other people get, it makes me feel like maybe my blog just isn't that interesting. I am so glad I'm not the only one to think about that.
I would say express your opinion. I may or may not always agree, but It's YOUR blog and YOUR opinion. THe true friends and followers will be back!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I can tell you that I write for me and whoever would like to read. I've seen my followers go up and down. There is a twinge of wonder when I see the down numbers but I know it's okay. I try not to take it personally. There are topics I avoid, like politics but it's nice to have a break from all that. I talk about the heavy stuff a lot in "real life" and the blog is all about light and fun!

littlebyrd said...

Nope, not anymore. But it has been a hard thing to get over. What bugs me these days is when my "friends" don't comment and I see them commenting all over the place on other blogs...that kinda hurts. But again - I need to let it go. I think if you just go for it - post whatever feels like it is from you and don't even think about the numbers, in the end they don't matter at all.

Jen R. said...

Where did your followers section go? Just kidding! You are awesome!

Kristi M. said...

One of my very favorite blogs to read is from someone that writes what she wants to write and not what others want to hear. And I mean writes anything. It actually keeps things real and very interesting. She is a real person to me because of what she writes. If there was something that you wrote that I didn't agree with, I wouldn't stop reading. Everyone is intitled to their opinion and it keeps life interesting. Do want your heart feels is right.

Jeanneoli said...

If I have to think too much about a post it isn't real....I want to be genuine and I hope that comes across on my blog. Don't worry about what other people think...write what you feel. I think politics should be talked about more but in a respectful way...what has happened to agreeing to disagree. Share your is the best way for all of us to get to know each other better. I hope everything is ok with you.

the wild raspberry said...'s hard to ignore the numbers...
it hurts my feelings to lose blogging friendships....
it stinks when i see my name removed from someone's blog roll...or never put there in the first place....
but i'm gonna keep writing what matters most to me.

great insight~

Sue said...

It is rather a shame that many times readers will simply bypass a post because it is not about decorating. Must we always show what we're doing to make our house beautiful? There is so much more to me than that!

The number of followers vs. the number of comments is another thing. Even some of the "big" blogs who have upwards of 600 followers don't get anywhere near that amount of comments. I say, post what you want. Someone is still reading it, even if they are not commenting.

If someone disagrees with your opinion and feels that he/she wants to discontinue following you, so be it. It is ultimately YOUR blog, and you have the right to control its content. To heck with the numbers! Is this supposed to be a competition?

Thanks for letting me rant!
:-) Sue

Lori said...

I used to worry about it and in some ways I get really excited when I see I have another follower. Like some of the ladies said here - it is an ego thing. When I started out I said to myself that I will not do this if it seems like WORK - it is suppose to be enjoyable and relaxing. With that being said, although I do not post everyday, I love looking for inspiring pictures and going out with my camera and finding new things to photgraph.

vintage simple said...

Huh. So funny. I just wrote a long email (I'll kindly spare you) to a friend about this.... I'd love to think that I'm too old and wise to really care, but the truth is, when no one or not many people comment on what you put out there, it hurts a little. I don't necessarily worry about the content in my case, because mine is a design blog... And I don't really care that much about how many people follow me or not... But you are putting yourself out there when you post something that you care about, and to be received with silence is not necessarily encouraging.... So, I do think about this. More than I'd like to, actually. And what alarms me is that I find it to be tied to my self-esteem in some ways... Blogging has definitely been a strange world to enter in some ways... Anyway. Thanks for this post. I think you've started a great conversation....