Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bright Spots

Ya know those days when you just feel off.
Everything feels kind of foggy.
You keep thinking it's because you haven't had your coffee or tea yet.
Then you realize you have had 2 cups already.
You can't really put your finger on it.

Then it becomes annoying because you just drove past the bank you were suppose to stop at.
You go to the grocery store and you forget the item that started the whole trip.
You forget to start the full dryer.
You walk up stairs to grab something. Then you get there and have no idea what brought you up there.
Then you just become totally annoyed and pissed.

The phone rings and you answer it with a big "WHAT?"
That poor person had no idea you were having an "off" day.

It's now 1:00 in the afternoon and you feel like it should be about 5:30.....time for a glass of wine.
You can't have a glass of wine because it's only 1:00.

It's now 4:30 and you realize you never took the meat out of the freezer to defrost for dinner.
Bed time just can't come fast enough....and no, not for the kids but for you!

My only advice is to find that bright spot in your home.
Take 10 deep breaths....OK may 50 deep breaths and regroup.
At least attempt to regroup.
Hey....if it doesn't work at least you saw something bright and cheerful.

It's can be pissed and bitchy for the rest of the night....we all have our moments...
Me...sometimes I have my moments, days and even sometimes a whole week.

Just remember, tomorrow is a whole new day with all new possibilities!

Have a great hump day!!

PS. I have a guest blogger for Friday.....stay tuned!


Backyard Candle Co. said...

I was having one of those days yesterday! EVERYTHING irritated me! Ready to take on the day today tho!

southerninspiration said...

Well, now that's behind you for a while, right??? ;)

Suzanne said...

Were you just in my head?!
This is ME lately.
I'm having a tough time with the bright spot in my home.
My home is so overwhelming to me right now! I can't find the time to clean it. I think I'll have to step outside :)...and drink a glass of wine at 10:00 am

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I have those days OFTEN!!! I am often seen standing in a room looking around and wondering whatin the heck I went in there for! OFTEN! ALOT!

I'm feeling your pain and hope today is BETTER!!

(Sticky notes are my best friend!)

Lou Cinda

Jackie said...

Were you with me yesterday, 'cause that was my day!! I did actually yell at the Astound guy who had parked completely across my driveway so I couldn't get out...normally I'm very polite, but yesterday, look out! Hope today is better for you (and me)!

Sarah said...

Awww, I hope you have a fabulous day today! Yes, those days happen and they aren't fun. Here is to the week being half "full" and done! ;)

Lisa said...

I can totally relate! Hope you are not having one of those today!
Happy Hump day!
Hugs, Lisa

Anne Marie said...

Maisy! Your photographs are getting better and better! I love this cozy spot and joyful setting.

great picture.

Lulu and Co. said...

Oh ya I get those days!!! Not my favorite. Glad you are finding your bright spot and i always think it 5 PM somewhere in the world! LOL for happy hour.
Can't wait to see who your guest blogger is!

Bluebird said...

your blog is just delicious! so happy i found it! just realized that i have also visited your lovely etsy store, too!

Tracy ~Seeking Refinement~ said...

Sweet Maisy - although I find it hard to believe that your sweet self has anysort of negative feelings, let alone days - and then i'm reminded you're as human as I am....(seriously though, does it seem everyone else is UUUBER cheery on days like these? I do want to slap them, sorta. C'mon, you know I'd never do it, really. But a girl can dream?)

BIG hugs to you, because YOU are MY bright spot in the day. Sending love from this smokey socal.


Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, do I have those days! I go to the kitchen and can't remember what I went in there for. Simple words escape me. I'm talking to say, the doctor, and suddenly I stop talking and this simple little word just will not come from my brain to my mouth. And I feel so foolish! You're still young though. Wait until you're fiftiesh and then it really hits! Of course then it's call MENOPAUSE!

littlebyrd said...

I have had those days...You know what? It is usually right before I get sick. So I hope you are not getting sick. Rest my dear, that is the answer :)

Victoria Hayden said...

Maisy...I so get this! I have many of these days...I agree, bright spots! lol. I hope your day and week are better. Sending big hugs your way friend!


Lori said...

Wow ~ you described the day I had yesterday. One of the guys at work said I looked "owley" ~ you can bet I shot him "the look" after THAT comment! And wine after one seems OK with me ~ after all it IS five o'clock somewhere.....

Jen said...

How did you know? Let's hope tomorrow's better.

Dogwood said...

Oh I know those days. They don't happen often but when they do they suck! Thanks for the breathing tip. It does work along with getting out for a short walk or looking a pictures in a beautiful magazine. Tomorrow will be better. Dogwood

Chez Zizi said...

Thanks for the post, I have had times like that as well.

Lissa said...

very cute post! I hate those irritating days! Just happy to feel okay today! I just saw your comment but was already on my way over here! I really, truly appreciate you! I want to write you back but not right now. When I have more time to concentrate on it. Then you'll see an email from me! THanks for everything!

Victoria said...

LOL at your description of the day! I have those too and you hit the nail on the head.

I was having one Tues and about to go out of my mind by 4pm. That's when I crawled on the bed with Sweet Girl and tickled her and cuddled with her! Just hearing her laugh made my day much, much better!

Melissa Miller said...

Ah Amy! Everyone has one of those days now and then. Feel better.

Have a wonderfully blessed Holiday weekend. ~Melissa :)

Kristin said...

Amy this is perfect in every way! Just real and oh so perfect!!!!!!

Hope your Friday is wonderful.

Sue said...

In my world it is called
It is too fun when you have a daughter in PMS and a son in Puberty. We are just a barrel of hormonal laughs around here some times....Thank God for Hagen Daz!!