Friday, May 15, 2009

Maisy's Things

Do ya all remember my Crate & Barrel post the other day???
Well, this a follow up.
The only difference is that I am the photographer and the set is my kitchen.

So, I went to C&B on Saturday to pick up a gift for myself for Mother's Day.
Well, to tell ya the truth....I brought it for Asher to give to me.
See, that's why I'm step-mom of the year....he doesn't even have to shop for me.
Although, he did buy be wine glasses on his own.
Is there meaning in that???? Wine glasses??
I will ponder that thought tonight while I sit by my pond enjoying a glass or two of wine~

This is my Costco version of the one I saw at Crate and Barrel.
I would have gotten it at Crate and Barrel but the lid wasn't air tight.
It just sat on there waiting to get bumped right off.
It was waiting for me to cry because I actually spent $40 on it.
So, I just decided there must be better out there.
AND...........there was at my favorite store....COSTCO.
Guess the price of it???
Have ya got a number in you head??
Ok...we will say it at the same time...
1, 2, 3..........

I think I will be having that party over the 4th of July weekend.

Happy Friday......


LillySue said...

Hey, COOL!
I bet your party will be even more fun than MaryJane's big shindig! OK, So if we want to be there by Sat. the fourth....We would have to leave Oregon on what??...Thurday mornining??
I LOVE your beverage jar. I collect old thermos jugs and love them too. They remind me of trips to the beach when I was little.
I am going to have to avoid the computer this weekend since I have a bad case of mouse runner shoulder, OUCH!! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I need one of those! I hope Sam's will have one for summer since we don't have a COSTCO near! And I'm loving the cake plate!

Jeanneoli said...

I love those....Costco is the best. I try to only go there when I have lots of money:-) Have a great weekend!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I have one of those that my sister in law bought me a couple years ago at Sams Club. I used it at the store a couple of times and when it was sitting on the floor drying after being washed with the lid just sitting on top, my mom bumped it and the lid fell off and broke! Sooooo sad! Have a great weekend Amy! Oh I almost forgot, I got my teapot yesterday and LOVE it! Thanks so much!

Tara said...

I love that cake stand every since you posted it...I might have to run over and get one today..although do I really need it...Errr, YEAH! Have a wonderful weekend and yes I can make it to your 4th of july party! thanks!
p.s. see you at Farm Chicks!

Kasey said...

looks like a great Sangria holder as well;-0

Anne Marie said...

hee hee (on the wine glasses)

And I just saw that Costco that went up in 'the local town'
yeah! just watch out for that Made in China 'stuff'

LillySue want to come over here SO bad!! Isn't she the cutest!! and meet us both :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

You must let us know if this works good! I've seen them forever and have been wanting to buy one, but keep thinking, it couldn't possible work right without making a mess! Anyway, let me know after you've used if for your party! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Just be happy! said...

I guess you are getting ready for your summer party!

Amber Ellis said...

Oh, I've been wanting a beverage jar! I'm gonna have to check that out.

Christina said...

Just the perfect thing for summer. Great deal on it too.

Time for putting your feet up and relaxing.

LuLu said...

I want it!!!! Yes, I do! air tight really oh my! love it!!! makes me want to run to Costco but I don't have one near me but an hour away... hmmm road trip! thanks for sharing the great price and fun find!

Marci said...

Oh, I love that beverage jar--very cool and great price. Way to go!

tracey said...

Hey! It's Tracey, we met at Kasey's last Fri. Like I said that day, I do read your blog all the time and love your sense of humor! I guess I don't comment on many blogs because I don't have my own blog to link back to (some day) any rate, just wanted you to know I'm a readin and enjoyin:)

gwengoods said...

All that comes to mind is Sangria Party!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

JEALOUS - i want one of those drink dispensers.

Sangria, Long Island Iced Tea, Mojitos, Lemon(drop)ade, OK FINE: kool-aid, sun-tea, lemonade.

LOVE YOUR STUFF!! (as always)


Jen r. said...

That is awesome! I love those! jen

Sit A Spell said...

I really want one of these! That's an awesome price too! What a fun blog you have...I've enjoyed my visit here tonight.