Monday, May 18, 2009


In just a couple of weeks these kitchen cabinets will be WHITE!!
All the trim will be painted white and the walls the most beautiful creamy yellow I have ever seen.

I think the cabinets are so pretty. That is not the issue.
The problem is all this wood makes my house sooooo dark.
Now, I don't know about you but I am verrrry light sensitive.
I didn't know this about myself until I moved into this house 2 years ago.

This is the piece that I'm using as my inpiration for the new kitchen.
I can hear it now "did Maisy actually just say she is designing her kitchen around a pitcher?"

Yes I am!

Just look at that handle with all the twistys and swirlys.

Oh and that top.
So pretty and feminine.

And that bottom..

I just love, love, love this peice.
I can't say I am designing the kitchen around this.
I just want it sweet, bright, fresh and really GIRLY PRETTY!!!
Yep, that's right....Maisy is going girly.
Who would have thought??


Backyard Candle Co. said...

That is gonna brighten up your kitchen so much! It's gonna look awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!

A Touch of Country said...

I think it will be so wonderful! BUT yet so scary to do!

Can't wait to see the photos and let me know what steps you take to paint them as I am pondering about doing the same. Our are 1950's blonde looking cabinets that are glossy in finish...ughh!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I CANNOT wait to see it!! It's going to be amazing. Have fun! And I think planning a room around a pitcher is totally normal. Maybe we are both crazy and just don't know it??

Anne Marie said...

I am NOT surprised....I would do the same thing~
Your kitchen does look nice right now, as is, and my carpenter husband would say "no way!" to painting - however - I simply cannot WAIT~! to see it complete....

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love your cabinets! But I'm all with you on the white cabinets as well. They will be beautiful and the color yellow on the walls will be the perfect color to go along with the white! Can't wait for pictures!!!

LuLu & Co. said...

Amy, It is going to be gorgeous! and beautiful pitcher that is inspiring this transformation! I get it! Yes I do!!! I will be quite jealous when it's done.... I'll just have to hop a plane over to sit in your dreamy kitchen!

Tara said...

Amy, your cabinets are going to look stunning in white! I can't wait to see the transformation~ and the pitcher, well super cute too!

Melissa said...

I love your kitchen, but I am one of those who has a white kitchen and wishes for something else. It is sure to be beautiful. the pitcher reminds me of a dress, I love it.

Amber Ellis said...

I hear ya girl!! I'm so excited to see how it turns out. I LOVE white cabinets. I was so young and dumb when we remodeled our house. I should've done white cabinets myself. Oh well, live and learn...... and live through other people!

Post pics ASAP!!

Melissa Miller said...

Amy how exciting for you!It's going to be so cheerful!

I designed my kitchen colors after a canister I bought at Sams Club many years ago so believe me I understand.

I can't wait to see the results.
~Melissa :)

Just be happy! said...

It's going to be FABULOUS!!

Bill Deitch said...

I am powerless to resist the Maisy force. She is a decorating for your lives!

Jeanneoli said...

Your husband is so cute! have stunning cabinets. It will be fun to see the transformation.

Martha said...

I think it will turn out wonderful! I love your kitchen! :)

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE 'AFTER' OF YOUR KITCHEN! (i was yelling...i am So excited!!)

oh and i am SUCH a picher fan, have such a weakness for them - and that, my dear - is a perfect picher.

You're fabulous - Happy Monday!


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your kitchen cabinets are very nice, but they're going to look amazing painted white. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

LillySue said...

OK, so how long have you been dreaming of doing your cupboards?? Did you just see that pitcher and everything just clicked in your mind about your redo? I LOVE yellow and white together (as you can tell in my living room). I did my kitchen cupboards white on top and green on the bottom because my appliances are white too and I wanted a little more color down below. I really know what you mean about the light. I lost my kitchen windows when we did our addition and it was like a cave with the dark wood. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!!
Blessings~ LillySue

Lou Cinda said...

I know it will be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it. I have oak cabinets too and have been pondering painting them. I mentioned it to my husband, ever so gently....he gave me THE LOOK!

So I am letting him digest the idea for awhile!

I will be able to show him yours and say SEE!!! It looks great!!

Can't wait to see your talents "unleashed"!

Lou Cinda :)

Marci said...

Ooh~I think white cabinets will be lovely! And that pitcher is very pretty~
Can't wait to see the "after" photos!

southerninspiration said...

Oh this transformation is going to be amazing!! I can't wait to see how it will look! Love the pitcher!


gwengoods said...

very pretty pitcher, can't wait to see the final result of your kitchen and the bowls from Crate & Barrel are glass.

Sarah said...

It is beautiful! I can't wait to see the outcome! I know what you mean, inspiration comes from all sorts of things! I didn't realize I was a girly girl until just a few years ago!!!

Devri said...

HOly cabinets batman, oops now that you are girly...She-ra!!!

they will be beautiful!

Jen r. said...

GO for it! I can't wait to see it! Jen

Sandi said...

WOW lucky you! Are you doing the painting??? I want to paint my oak kitchen cupboards , but anyone I talk to and anything I read says it is a no no because of the open grain. I did read where I could skim coat the cupboards with spackling and then paint. The spackling is supposed to fill in the grain. Sounds like a lot of work to me! LOL Can't wait to see yours all done!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

First time by your blog via Jen at Sanctuary Arts. Love what you are planning for your kitchen. It will be beautiful. I collect white dishes too!

Deb said...

We painted our honey oak kitchen cupboards white a few years ago & I love it! Looking forward to seeing your "after" photos :-)

Christina said...

Oh my! I can't wait to see it. My kitchen is white, but the hardware and various elements are outdated. I hope to work on mine sometime before the fall.

Your inspiration piece is beautiful, so I'm sure it's gonna look fabulous.

Kasey said...

it's going to look good.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Your kitchen is going to be SOOO pretty! Can't wait to see the pics!

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous pitcher...can't wait to see your kitchen!