Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I don't really have much to say today.
Wow, did I just type that??
Let's just say I'm not one to be at a loss for words.....EVER!!!!
It's just that I'm trying to catch my breath right now.

With that in mind I thought I would show you something that brings peace to me.

My pond.

It only the middle of May and it looks so full.

Try to just imagine what July will look like.

These are my new babies.
Bill and I got our hands on some baby koi.
The problem with this is ......
I went out there this morning to take the above photos of the pond and I can't find the fish.

There are two possibilities....
1) They are hiding in the rocks.
2) They have become a midnight snack for an animal.

I'm holding out hope for #1.
All's I ask from you in to hold out hope for #1.
Poor little fish.

Well, have a great day.
I'm off to do some treasure hunting.
Hope I find some goodies!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Wendy said...

I hope #1 too!!

Allegra said...

Hoping for #1. (The other is too sad AND that is not a cheap midnight snack!)

LillySue said...

Oh~ Have you seen them yet?? Same thing happened to my Dad's.....the first night they put them in...they were gone! Jesse and Papa did catch some bass and perch and brought them home to release in the big pond last summer. Papa called earlier this week and said the big pond was full of baby fish. Jesse can hardly wait to get there to see for himself!
We are sending up prayers for your pretty baby koi!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

#1! #1! #1!

I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love your pond! It's so beautiful. I hope you find the fish soon! Hubby was just asking me this morning what koi fish were, I'll have to have him come read your blog later! Enjoy your day!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I hope they are okay. Keep us posted!

Katie said...

Number one I'm sure! I don't think koi make a very good eat treat. Your pond is beautiful!

LuLu said...

Hoping for #1 too!!! I've always wanted a pond with koi! What a great retreat to relax and think!

Just be happy! said...

I'm sending you positive thoughts, number one will be!

Sandi said...

Holding out hope for #1 and crossing my fingers and toes! LOL

Anne Marie said...

praying for option one....
you might get some of that 'floating lettuce' - you can find it at Lowe's even....they do like to 'hide'

hope that helps and hope you see them again -

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I'm so glad you showed the pond cause I remember you showing it in the winter. It looks so pretty! And I am hoping for #2. NOOOO I'm just kidding! That is just me trying to be funny. :)

imjacobsmom said...

Hope it's #1, too! ~ Robyn

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

What a beautiful pond! Hope you find some treasures today, and your fish!

Karin Grow said...

Sorry to hear about the fish. We have Blue Herons hear that seem to know where all the great fishing spots are.

Your birthday tribute to your honey was so touching. My husband will turn 52 this year, and he's 14 years older than I, so I feel your pain.
Have a great day, Karin

Loralee and the gang... said...

I hope you find your fish! (IN the pond, of course!)
Waht a beautiful pond.. Now I want one!

Christina said...

I love your pond. What a pretty little scene. Hope you found your little fishes. ; )