Thursday, November 6, 2008

~Prayer Jar~

So...this is my Prayer Jar...I will also sometimes use it as a Gratitude Jar. All are welcome to add a little something to the jar. It is a daily reminder to me that I can't do this thing called life alone. I can't do it without God. I also can't do it without all my friends and family that I love so dearly. Today I was grateful for the changing of the seasons. It's really starting to feel like winter is right around the corner. How could I ever appreciate all the different seasons without the other ones?? Every time Bradley says it's too hot in the summer I remind him in just a few short months he will be saying it's too cold. Then in the winter when he says it's too cold I remind him that in a few shorts months he will be saying it's too hot. Human nature at it's finest...oh how soon we forget.