Saturday, November 1, 2008


Asher came home from school. He said he needed a costume but didn't know what to be. Bill and I were on it. I told him to get me a pair of old jeans...check....Bill had a shirt he didn't wear anymore...check. I found a bandanna I had from the Avon Breast Cancer 3 day walk....check!!! I then advised him to take the cut up shirt and roll it around in the neighbors yard. Not our yard....we have a dog(ICK!!!).....check. I Put some makeup on his face to make it look dirty(Don't tell his friends.) Costume completed with a toy sword provided my Bradley . He has to be the cutest pirate I have ever set my eyes on. I then immediately kick him out of the house to go get his step-mama some candy. Funny thing is I haven't seen him since. Apparently I forgot to remind him to share. Don't worry...I will find an entire pillow case full of candy in the back of his closet it July. Can you say YUCK??
This is Bill and Bradley starting to trick-or-treat. As you can see Bradley is Superman. I'm telling everyone that Bill was a soccer player. He does have the jersey ya know!! It ALWAYS fills my heart with happiness when I see my boy and his dad together doing something really fun. I'm not sure who LOVES this more....Bill or Bradley???

This holiday is a bit much for Stitch. The doorbell....the's all a bit overwhelming for him. He didn't move from this spot from 3-6:30. I had to keep him locked in the kitchen. He has a very big bark. I didn't want him to scare the kids. He is able to love on a child so much that he can lick them to death. Maybe next year I will have Bill bring him trick-or-treating. It would sure make my head feel a lot better.

Usually every Halloween I sit down in between trick-or-treaters and I do my Christmas cards. However, this year I helped Bill's office with the annual Thanksgiving cards (800 to be exact). I brought them home from the office to finish up. I made Bill sit and help me. He just kept watching's was a bit bothersome. Hey time...note to self....don't watch Amy work. She will get a tad upset and put you to work. Hope he doesn't remember that next year. Now I have to find time to do our Christmas cards.

THE END!!!!!


Kasey said...

wonderful pics!
btw, i have your bracelet in!

C Maisy said...

Thanks Kasey for always commenting on my blog :)
That's great about the bracelet. Should I stop in or will you bring it when you start the furniture?