Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Things I just Love~

I just love, love , love to have candy out in these adorable pumpkin jars. I don't know why but I don't have candy jars for any other holiday. Huh??? Every year on October 1st I go in the basement and pull out all my bins of halloween decorations. For some reason I always seem to forget about these jars. Then I open the bins and I get so happy when I see them. I drop everything I am doing just to get them soaking in warm, soapy water. I then put up all the other decorations. Then off to Target I go to get the candy to fill them. I always fill the jars with M&M's, Hershey Kisses and Candy Corn. It's weird though...everyone says they don't like candy corn but that is the only jar I have to refill...another HUH?? I guess these jars just mean I can eat as much chocolate as I want. YEAH!!

Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels. EVERY time I go I am drawn to the sweet's isle (I think I see a pattern here). The cart just pulls me. We also LOVE the Chocolate Covered Raisins(sorry I don't have a will just have to imagine)....YUMMY!!!

Bringing sunshine in my house have always been a sweet experience for me. These flowers called out my name. They are so beautiful. For some reason they remind me of Easter. As you can see it is such a cute shade of pink. Can flowers get sweeter than this???
This is just a couple of pictures I had that I wanted to share. I hope you all find time to bring little things into your life that bring you happiness. It doesn't take much for me as you can see.
Bill's Aunt Sally turned 100 this week. I will post pictures from the party tomorrow. She is an amazing woman. Can't wait to spend time sharing her with you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~My New Favorite Thing~

On Saturday Bill was gone for a chunk of the day. I decided to go to one of my new favorite stores, Lola B's Boutique, in St Charles ( It's such a cute girlie store. Selling things from jewelry to furniture to aprons to handles for furniture to picture frames. It's a wonderful store. The owner, Kasey, is a doll.

Let me try to paint this picture for I am in the amazing store filled with lots of breakables and fragile things. Guess who was with me...that's right my sweet, energetic little boy, BRADLEY. Not exactly the ideal store to bring him in but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
He was such an angel in the car. I mean 30 minutes of pure joy. We get into the store and he decides that he has never been in and out of a door before. There he goes in and and and out. I'm trying hard to act like the patient mother. However, my father came out in me. I was there giving him the death stare while gritting my teeth and telling him that had better be the last time he does that. As mother of the year, I can tell you that he continued to go in and and and out. Thank goodness Kasey is so sweet. She sent him on a mission to find leaves in the front yard. the midst of all this I find THIS beauty. I just love her. How about those handles??? Right??? I also purchased the bell jar to display some knick knacks....can you see the adorable bird nest?? I also purchased the jewelry stand on Sunday. Perfect for the end of the day when I am tired and I just need to throw my jewelry somewhere.
I sometimes just appreciate the things that bring joy to my heart. Whenever I look at it (which I try to walk past it hourly)it just makes me think of my new friend, my new favorite store and how lucky I am to have this super cute dresser~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is A Wonderful Day

My boy getting ready for Halloween:

Today is just wonderful. I know that it is a bit cooler than we like but the sun in SHINING!!

Does it get better than this?

I just keeping hoping for all the children who wait ALL year for Halloween that the weather hold up. I know that I try to prepare Bradley for Halloween every year. I tell him this is the one day a year that he is allowed to get candy. I mean, really people, these kids need to get out there and not come home until the job is done. If that means blisters, so be it.

We have already started our festivities. Bill and I took Bradley to Halloween party last Saturday night. See the pics above. The first one is Bradley showing off his newly carved pumpkin. The second one is Bradley going through a hay maze, and the last picture is Bill and Bradley carving a pumpkin.
I think the thing I love most about Halloween is that it is truly about the kids. There is no gift giving. Just pushing your kids out the door to have some innocent fun.
I know that I am preparing for this awesome holiday. Hope you are too!!!