Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~My New Favorite Thing~

On Saturday Bill was gone for a chunk of the day. I decided to go to one of my new favorite stores, Lola B's Boutique, in St Charles ( It's such a cute girlie store. Selling things from jewelry to furniture to aprons to handles for furniture to picture frames. It's a wonderful store. The owner, Kasey, is a doll.

Let me try to paint this picture for I am in the amazing store filled with lots of breakables and fragile things. Guess who was with me...that's right my sweet, energetic little boy, BRADLEY. Not exactly the ideal store to bring him in but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
He was such an angel in the car. I mean 30 minutes of pure joy. We get into the store and he decides that he has never been in and out of a door before. There he goes in and and and out. I'm trying hard to act like the patient mother. However, my father came out in me. I was there giving him the death stare while gritting my teeth and telling him that had better be the last time he does that. As mother of the year, I can tell you that he continued to go in and and and out. Thank goodness Kasey is so sweet. She sent him on a mission to find leaves in the front yard. the midst of all this I find THIS beauty. I just love her. How about those handles??? Right??? I also purchased the bell jar to display some knick knacks....can you see the adorable bird nest?? I also purchased the jewelry stand on Sunday. Perfect for the end of the day when I am tired and I just need to throw my jewelry somewhere.
I sometimes just appreciate the things that bring joy to my heart. Whenever I look at it (which I try to walk past it hourly)it just makes me think of my new friend, my new favorite store and how lucky I am to have this super cute dresser~


Kasey said...

looks great!

Anita said...

I LOVE the handles too- and I am a sucker cloches- I covet them, want them- and usually leave the store without one. WHY do Moms do that? Anyways, you have inspired me and I WILL buy one the next time, I swear!

If you live near St. Charles, come see me at the Kane County Flea sometime!