Friday, February 27, 2009


Today is the EPIC beginnning of Photo Friday (well, it's epic in my world.)

Every Friday I'm going to post a picture of what is happening out my window.
However, today is a bad day to start.
Today is just dark & gloomy.
That forces me to show you my background in special effects.
Now, I'm not talking about Photoshop.
This is the real deal......special effects.

I am going to show you how I can MAKE tulips grow out of the ground....that's right...GROWING OUT OF THE GROUND!!!!

Now you may be asking yourself "How in the world can Maisy do such a thing. She lives in Chicago. I know they are still having a pretty cold winter...TULIPS...what is she talking about.
I better go call Mom and tell her about this. I better call into work & take a day off. I can't even imagine such a thing!"

(I think I just heard a few gasps)

I know....I know...the suspense is just driving you mad.

Look below and you will see how I, Maisy The Great, can make such a thing happen....

That's right....just plop the whole vase out there.

Then when I was done looking at them I just brought them back inside for my every moment pleasure!

If you would like to show everyone a photo of what you are seeing out your window...
just e-mail me a photo and I will add it to this post.
**I will also link your blog with the photo**

Come one ladies....seriously....e-mail me!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~I Happened Again~




If any one rememebers...I JUST did a post about my really cute canister set.
I mentioned that I think it would be motivation to keep the desk in the kitchen cleaned up.
Ya know....because the canister set is so STINKIN' cute... tell me....




Seriously people...

come on....what is wrong with me???(that was completely need to answer)

Bike the middle of winter??(what??)
Tape measure....I don't even remember measureing anything??
Mail....have I ever heard of a recycling bin???
Bradley's homework.....did he ever get it done??(better send the teacher an e-mail)
A roll of tape......I don't think I wrapped a present?? (I will just fantasize and think maybe someone is wrapping a present for me...who am I kidding)

HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO ALL!! We are half way there :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

~And The Winners Are.....~

Reporting Live From the World Wide Headquarters of The Maisy Report.........

Ok...Ok...I know..I know...everyone is talking about the Oscar's.
Nope, not me. I have never understood them or any of the other big awards.
Honestly, I know I have to be one of the only women I know who do not plan an entire evening around it.
I already think that hollywood is completely unrealistic and waaaay over blown.
(Please don't tell anyone but I have gotten People magazine delivered to my house for years.)
Now you know what I read in the bathtub.
Alright, alright.....I don't watch that stuff but I certainly do follow.

Now it's time for me to announce The Maisy Report's first give-a-way winners.
Just let me babble for just a moment here.
I cannot believe the amount of responses I got. Not to mention followers.
You ladies are frickin' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Not only are you awesome but there are soooo many talented and creative people out there.

I have the end of all this...I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP.... EVER!!!!!
I want to always have options to do what I want.
I want to always have the confidence to try new things.
I want to practice what I tell my can be and do anything YOU WANT!!!

So here we go.......drum roll please....................

The $50 winner is.........

Sarah from Prayerful Driven Life...
she wants to be a wedding photographer.............

The $100 winner is............

Just Be Happy....
All's she wants to be is a mommy.

Seriously, how cute is that??

Winners....please e-mail me so I can:
1) find out what gift card you's your choice :)
2) get a name and address from you...
3) pick up the gift cards....
4) put them in the mail....
5) and think about your smiley faces...


You all make my days so much brighter.

YOU ROCK!!!!!!

ps...I think I have the flu.
I can now go back and read all your amazing blogs while lying in bed.
Let's all take a moment and be thankful for the laptop :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~My First Give-a-Way~

I really want to do something nice for my blog friends. It is kind of a spin off of all these questionnaires going around....

If I could be be anything I wanted I would be either an anthropologist or an archeologist.
(that is when i grow up of course)

Comment and tell me what you would want to be (when you grow up).

If you comment AND link this give-a-away on a post I will put your name in to a drawing for a $50 gift card to a store/restaurant of your choice.

If you comment, link this give-a-way on your blog AND become a FOLLOWER I will put your name in to a drawing for a $100 gift card to a store/restaurant of your choice.
(if you are already a follower and you do the comment & link thing you will be put in the $100 drawing)

The guy above will be handling everything.
Don't worry.... he knows his letters, numbers & colors!

Yes, that's right...SUPERMAN!!!

And yes....he still has to do homework!

I can't wait to read all the comments.
You are all so very special to me.

Thank you for just being you .
YOU are all the greatest!!!!!!!!!

**I will reveal the winners FIRST thing Tuesday morning**

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~Maisy's Luxury Room~

This is my master bathroom.
Now...I don't know if any of you are bath takers.
In the winter I take a bath everyday.
I'm one of those people that once I get cold I just can't get rid of it.
My only solution is a nice warm bath with a delicious glass of wine.
When we bought this house my husband had one requirement....a big bath tub for Maisy.
(See, now you know one of the many reasons I love him so much.....he's that kind of guy)
I used to always cram into a small tub.
I was just happy to have a bathtub with HOT water.

This is looking into my bathroom.
The funny thing though is it doesn't have a door...and no where to put one.
The first time Bill took a shower I snapped at him at 5:45 in the morning to shut the door.
I was watching him for a couple seconds......he was looking for a door.
With the light on behind him I could see him shrug and then he told me "Maisy, there isn't a bathroom door."
I was really frustrated..come on...this grown man can't even find a door. I can't even repeat the thoughts that were going through my head.
Needless to say...I had to crawl back into bed with my tail between my legs.
There isn't a bathroom door.
There is not sleeping in anymore.

I really try to keep fresh flowers in my bathroom.
Hey, why shouldn't I be able to have something for myself.
This is a great time of year for flowers.
All the stores are getting in bulbs.
I love this dresser and everything it stands for.
It only has my stuff in it.

Growing up I didn't have any personal space.
Imagine this.....3 girls, 4 boys, 2 parents, 1 bathroom and 3.5 bedrooms.
I have it. I'm so happy.
This dresser holds jewelry, hats, scarves, makeup and whatever else I want. Let me repeat that...whatever I want.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~Crisp, Clean & Refreshing~

On Sunday we had Bill's brother and two sisters over for a really simple brunch. The one thing that really stood out to me was a pitcher of water. Sooo simple. Just a plain clear pitcher, lots of ice, and a sliced lemon~

It was so simple that I have vowed to do this everyday. Not only is it really pretty, it also reminds me to replace some of the coffee I drink with a really refreshing glass of water. Maybe I should also replace some of the cookies I eat with an apple.....huh...just a thought! Thought gone..back to water :) It really is soooo very yummy. Nothing like pretty and yummy.
That reminds me....better go get myself a fresh glass of lemon water....maybe I will have a Girlscout cookie with it~

Feel free to drop in for a crisp, cool, yummy glass of water.
I will even throw in a box of Girlscout cookies :)
Would love to catch up and chat~

**I will be doing a giveaway on's going to be good, be sure to check back**

Monday, February 16, 2009

~Bright Cherry Red~

The other day in one of my posts...I think it was the Valentine day post, I mentioned I really love the color red.
I'm also loving all things cherry.
This is what I stumbled upon today at my local Goodwill Store~

Now, I already have 3 canister sets.
They each serve a different purpose.

One set if for my daily use, another is for decoration on top of my kitchen cabinets and the other I'm still trying to figure out what it is for :)
I thought this one would be perfect to put on my wasted desk in my kitchen! I say wasted because it never actually looks like a desk.
It is never used as a desk.

It just always has piles and piles and piles and piles and piles(did I get my point across??) of stuff on it.

It has school papers, mail, dvd's, cd's, garbage stickers that I can never find, keys, library books, coupons, an old soup can for pens and pencils, bags that I need to put in my car so I can be more environmentally conscious.
Oh yeah, and bills that need to be paid.

There is also a phone jack there...which of course I can never find the phone.

WELLLLLLL....this is my solution.

A cute, bright, cheerful canister set.

Not sure it will actually work but I thought, hey I will try to use this as a motivator.
I will really want to see this set.

I figure I only have a $4 investment in this little plan of mine.

I just adore this canister set.
I walk past it all the time.

Before I would avoid looking in the direction of the desk.

Nope, not anymore. Now I actually sit at the desk and just look at the cute little jars.

I am still amazed that something so simple can bring me such joy.
Gotta love the little things.

Friday, February 13, 2009

~My Sleep Room~

We moved into this house almost two years ago.
I'm not very good at this thing called putting a house together. It took me 8 1/2 yrs to get the old house where I wanted it. When it was finally done I LOVED IT. For my own personal reasons I moved. I sure do miss that old place.

As you can see....I need window treatments, thing hung on the walls, the mirror above the bed needs to be moved....etc.

This is the entrance to my bedroom.

This is the bed. I just love it. The color scheme is green and yellow. So bright and cheerful. Just the way I like it~
This is the sitting room. All the way in the back is my new desk!

This is a chair I picked up off of Craigslist. I think it is my most favorite piece of furniture I have......maybe even owned...EVER!!! It has an ottoman that goes with it. This is where I spend my time with God. When I find time to do that. OK...ok...I'm working on it. If I would stop this whole blog thing it just may work. Well we all know, that's not going to happen.

So, now you know what I will be doing the next few weekends.
Finding things for the room that I spend 1/3 of my life it.
Really, I think I am just going to start off with window treatment.
I already know what I want.
I just have to find it.
Thank goodness for the Internet!

Sweet dreams to all~

P.S. I would love to see into your bedrooms.
Feel free to e-mail me pictures.
This is going to be so fun~

~Happy Heart Day~

I don't have many things that are Hearty or Lovey in my home but I thought I would show the few that I have.
This is a rack of heart plates I have in my kitchen above my pantry door.
My hubby got them for me.
He ordered them about 6 years ago from the Sundance Catalog~

This is is just a "LOVE" sign I pick up from Hobby Lobby.
It sits on top of the book cases in my family room.
I also have a black version of it that says "FAMILY"

Bill and I (more me than hubby) really love Jamaica.
As a matter of fact we were there last year on Valentine's Day.
I bought this from a vendor on the beach.
I wasn't sure why I bought it.
Now I I could put a picture of it here :)

I showed this picsture before.
This is such a great pillow.
All the red on a linen pillow.

So there you have it.....all my things I have that represent Valentine's Day.
Although, they weren't purchased for that intention.

I do have to say...I love the color red.
I don't know why. I guess that is why I have a red sectional in my family room.
Now that i'm thinking about it, my 5 yr old wears an awful lot of red.
I sure hope it's his favorite color~

Hope you all have a very sweet HEART day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Check This Out~

Hey everyone~
My friend over at Bushel and a Peck is doing an AMAZING give-a -way.
Seriously, check it out...we're talking a gift certificate to her Etsy store (a bunch of things that I have posted pictures of are from her store) AND...that's right ........AND a gift certificate to Anthroplogie!!
Now, get over there and post a comment!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~I'm Feeling Bright~

I just looked at my thermostat outside and it is reading 69 degrees.
That makes me feel happy.
I have an extra skip in my step.
I didn't even wear a coat today.
I think I am smiling more.
I think other people are smiling more.
I noticed my bulbs coming up out of the ground.
When I dropped Bradley off at school this morning there was a group of boys playing football.
I can have my front door open without worrying about the heating the great outdoors.
I'm actually sitting outside right now watching my 17 year old race my 5 year old on bikes.
I love Chicago's winters.
They never cease to amaze me.

This just reminds me of what it feels like outside....BRIGHT!!!

I know these are right around the corner!

I actually think these last few days may actually help me make it through this winter.
I always have to remind myself that I will ALWAYS have just what I need...even before I know what that is.

~Happy Spring day to all...even if it is only February~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

~My Farmhouse Dream~

My new motto is to find/have things that create a feeling within me.
Not a look or style.
Following you will find a couple things that make Maisy feel Yummy!

I think I just adore this hand soap&lotion set so much because it is called Farmhouse.
I know...I know....lots of you would love to have a place on it on an ocean, a lake or ever a river.
Nope, not me. I would want an old farmhouse. A deliciously big porch Bill and I could sit on and drink our daily glass of lemonade. When we were done with our drinks we would just hold hands and sit quietly. Lots of grass. Big old trees. As a matter of fact, since I'm dreaming, I would also love a tire swing hanging from the old tree.
Also in my dream there are fruit trees and a managable vegetable garden. A clothes line to hang my freshly washed linens. My dog chasing butterflies. Long walks on our property. I would always wear my hair in a ponytail I would even wear an apron ALL day.
People would just drop in for a fresh cup of coffee and a delicious homemade pastry.

My cupboards would be filled with bowls just like these. Bright and cheerful.
These things change the entire cereal experience. Ice cream tastes so much creamier in these cute sassy bowls.
I was a bit sad the other day. Bill accidentally dropped one in the sink and it broke. I was sad for just a split second.
I then realized I MUST go back to Anthropologie and buy myself a new bowl.
That is going to be such a sad day...Maisy off to Anthro...HEHEHE

I love to dream about my old farmhouse.

What are your dreams?????

Thursday, February 5, 2009

~New Beginnings for Old Things~

I spent the morning going from store to store.
I ended my excursion by going to my two favorite small, and I mean small, resale shops.
I found this adorable tin.
It tells a store of a couple in love.
How appropriate for Valentine's Day~
Tell me.....which side is your favorite??

This is a gardening book from 1965. I had to have it.
I'm really not much of a gardener but it just seems so feminine to me.
I am just loving all things GIRLY~ Especially old things~

This was just a plain old milk jar until........

I noticed it has an A on it...A for Amy....Get it??
That just gives you a taste of how clever I am~

Do you have any ideas on what I should put in it??
I thought I could use it to put flowers in that I pick up at our local French Market.
Ladies...I need ideas.
Don't hold back.
I am open to anything and everything!


(it's almost the weekend)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~Dare to Dream~

I bought these really cute Journals from Jeanne at Bushel and a Peck. She really has such cute stuff. it got me to thinking about the theme on both of them that I was attracted to ....DREAM here I go. I am going to try to not cross the invisible line and tell too much.
Let me first start of with this "25 things about you" thing I have been tagged with several times on Facebook. I have not done it. Why you I go with the invisible line thing. I have a hard time coming up with 25 cute things to tell about myself.

Now..let me try to tie this in with the dream thing......
I feel like I am always trying to find my dreams....this is the conversation I have in my head about this..."everyone else is so talented....they have dreams....look at what they are doing....again I repeat...they had dreams...they went after their dreams....look how great they are....." anyway you get the point.

I have to tell you....I come from a realllllly, realllllllllllly, reallllly screwed up childhood. It took me to get these journals and a night of not sleeping lastnight to realize I am living my dream.
I don't have an eye for color....I can't put a "cute" outfit together for the life of blog isn't perfect...I don't really have that many friends, I don't really have any hobby's(other than blogging). However, I must say, I am living my dreams. I also just love and adore others who have what I don't. I also know that I have things that they don't. When I was a little girl all's I dreamed for was a husband who loved me, a house to call my own, a home with lots of laughter, enough money to pay the basic bills, and food to put in my kids bellies.

I am a lucky, lucky girl. That doesn't mean that I stop making more dreams for myself....I just have to remember where I come from and where I am.

Now let me tell you what my new dream is....I want this blog to rock.
I want it to be uniquely me.

So all you people out there....TELL ME YOUR DREAMS.

~Let's make dreaming contagious~

Monday, February 2, 2009

~I Heart Stitch~

I Love...Love....Love my dog, Stitch.

He ALWAYS eats what I put in his bowl. He gets the same dog food day after day after day after day and he NEVER complains.

He doesn't make messes in the house.

I never have to tell him to pick up his toys.

He doesn't have to be told to make his bed.

He picks up the crumbs on my kitchen floor.

He greets me EVERY time I come home as if i'm the best thing since sliced bread.

He follows me around my yard when I garden(operative work...when).

He visits me when I take a bath.

He does his own laundry(if he had laundry I just know he would do it).

He LOVES to watch Lost, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, House and The Dog Whisperer with me......

I am PROUD to introduce you to my dog, Stitch!!

This is the dog park~

Stitch running to me~

Stitch looking for little creatures. They are ALL over the dog park~

I just love this guy sooooo much!!

Do you have a dog? If so, tell me a story. I would just love to read them!