Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winterizing Miss Maisy

I love winter p.e.r.i.o.d! The thing that I just love about living in Chicago is that we experience 4 season.

I know lots of you live where you never get snow.
I can't imagine that.
I always pray for a white Christmas.
(OK, I mentioned Christmas. I know I just declared that I'm not skipping over Thanksgiving. However, this is a post about winter...cut a girl some slack.)

I love the silence that snow brings with it.
When I walk the dog(which by the dog loves snow)after a heavy snow everything is so quiet.
I can only hear my footsteps and the occasional car driving by.
Oh, yeah, I can also hear Bradley's laughter.
He loves a good snowfall.

He smells sooo good after he's been outside in the snow for awhile.

It is different from the summer smell.

Man, was that a ramble....THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE~

There is also something about a fire in the fireplace.
I guess, opposed to a fire somewhere else.

Not sure why I needed to clarify that.

Man, am I struggling here to stay on topic :)

I love the light a fireplace gives off when all the other lights are turned off.

owever, that does not apply if it is during the day.

Daylight kinda ruins the whole fireplace glow thing.

OHHHHHHHHHH, and homemade hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. PERFECTLY DELICIOUS!!!

I also adore accessories that keep me warm and toasty.
This year I have already bought a pair of fingerless gloves.

* not use these while playing in the snow....not very effective*

I just thought this photo was so damn funny that I had to put it up on the Maisy Report. I was looking for a cute hat and came across this.
I just couldn't help myself.
Have I mentioned that I have self control issues?
If not...well, now ya know.
Seriously, who the hell would wear that?
*disclaimer....if you own this hat or a hat similar I'm sorry for offending you*
Now, I must get going.....I need to get some shopping done to winterize Maisy.


an encourager said...

I'm laughing at that hat, getting ready to make me a cupppa peppermint hot chocolate (I suppose marshmallow creme will work for marshmallows...), and turn on my very fake fireplace (oh how I miss the real ones... the crackle, the woodsy smell, the smoke, the glow...sigh). I dream of a white Christmas every year, but where I live, it would take the Lord's whimsical handiwork! You are generous; F & F's winner will be blessed by it! Thanks!!

Lou Cinda said...

Sadly, I am one of those who lives where we rarely rarely EVER get snow! We are still having temps in the high 60's low 70's. Bummer!

Congrats on the feature! I am fixing to go check it out!

Lou cinda :)

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd... that hat has me laughing hysterically this morning... I'd love to have one just as a joke... boy, people would sure stop and stare when you pulled up to a red light wearing that thing, huh... LOL

The Blue Ridge Gal
(I'm still laughing... dang... )

southerninspiration said...

I just cannot picture YOU in that hat, but with sunglasses on, that YOU in that photo??? LOL....
I love winter, too, but then I live in TEXAS! If my daughter comes to college up there, I am sending her to see you! ;)

littlebyrd said...

lol! Love the last look :) We hardly ever get a white Christmas is nice to have snow on Christmas I think.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Not a winter lover, but that's because it's too #$%$ cold here. But I do love it when it's mild and you can actually go for a walk and hear the snow crunch under your feet and it's so insulated and quiet. I do love that! Loved the fireplace pic. I want one just like that in my house...oh to dream:)

tara said...

No snow here either! booo.....I would love to have a white winter, but that will be when you know what freezes over! ha! Light a fire for me will ya! off to check out F&F!

Sarah said...

Very fun post Amy! I also love the fireplace and sounds of winter! We don't have a fireplace, yet another reason I am believing for a farm house outside of the suburb I live in! Still dreaming and believing! I love your fingerless gloves, very chic, where did you find those? I love how you are just like me and get all stirred up inside about holidays, seasons and the little things! :)
Have a great day!

Dandy said...

I love winter which is odd coming from a girl who lives in Southern CA. I adore it so much I decided to get married in winter and have a winter themed wedding. Oh how I love the holiday season.

I just love your etsy shop too!

Anne Marie said...

totally laughing out loud!


LuLu said...

The hat had me LAughing! Oh my word how funny.... the color is so you!! The mittens are my favorite!!! i'm so excited to get cozy in the winter!!!

T said...

I don't have a fireplace.:( I did buy one of those fireplace dvd's once tho, does that count?
I hope you have a great weekend, and I know secretly, you WANT that hat!

Barn House said...

I love the snow too! My office had to close down for a few days last year b/c of the snow and it was like I had died and gone to heaven. I am hoping for LOTS of snow this year!!

Andrea Villarreal said...

That hot chocolate looks awesome! And that hat well......let's just say it will probably be on Paris Hilton's head in January and I'll get to see it on the news:)

The Flying Bee said...

LOL! You are too funny! I am wishing for snow so bad this year! If not here, then when I get to Portland! You are so right about the whole fire in the daytime thing! Ha Ha!

Off to check you out on F & F!

Have a great weekend!


The Flying Bee said...

ummm...yeah, a day late and a dollar short! Oh, well...can still go enjoy your shop! :)

Deb said...

Great post Maisy! I love snow too and my husband and I were just talking a few days ago remembering how our dog Ben would smell after being out in the snow :-)There is nothing like waking up Christmas morning to snow ♥

Jeanneoli said...

I have that;-) I do not love the snow as much as fact, I have never met anyone that loves it as much as you!!! That cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows looks pretty yummy though.

Lori said...

But I LOVE that hat!! kidding here... Seriously ~ I am not a big fan of winter but I love that we have 4 seasons because there is nothing better than being outside after a big storm. It is clear and peaceful and it makes you want to fall back into the snow and make a snow angel. You nailed how I too feel about a fire in the fireplace and curling up with a big mug of hot chocolate. Loving those gloves too.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

I am sitting in the living room, watching college football and we have a fire roaring in our fireplace.

did I mention that I love love LOVE fires?

did I also mention that we recently had a 'chimney sweep' come out to clean our dirty fireplace who told us that our chimney is BROKEN and he has to legally tell us not to use it? Oh, and it has probably been damaged for almost 15 years. FABULOUS.

So - we are playing roulette and having fires roar through our house. Its worth the risk! ;)

LOOOOOVE those gloves ...... love winter Maisy! (wait, I love maisy all seasons!)


Jen R. said...

You are crazy... where did summer go???? You crack me up!

stacy di said...

ok, so now I'm feeling badly that I complain ALL the time about the snow...You make it sound so wonderful...maybe if I had that hat, winter would be!!

Beth Quinn said...

oh my goodness i love your gloves !! where can i get me some ????? and the hat would be perfect for you I think you should seriously consider it !LOLOLLOL!!! happy thanksgiving girl !!!